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Bicycle Kick!

Sep 8, 2017
AFL Club
Welcome. If it the jacket I think you are talking about, they were available a couple of years ago. Not part of the current range of merch.
I assumed that was probably the case, I saw a lot of older merch during the image search that isn't stocked anymore but no luck with this one. I thought there may be an off chance it was through a 3rd party supplier or something, but knew it was probably a long shot.

Thanks for the help :)

Orange Agent

Premiership Player
Oct 12, 2016
AFL Club
Anyone bought the Jeremy Cameron socks?

Thinking they would look good as cycling socks but at $20 would like to know what the quality is like. I have paid that much for socks before but brands that I know, dont know what these would be.

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Jan 9, 2012
Baulkham Hills
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St Kilda, Bucks, Who Dats
I've bid on 10, currently winning none, not sure if I will go again, already have a couple from previous years and with Zach not actually playing not keen to stump up a lot
Just got the email to say I've scored Isaac Cumming's from R11, happy with that :)

Ichabod Noodle

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 13, 2011
The Riff
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Raiders, Brumbies
when we turn up to games we often get a freebie going in - clappers, flags, etc. one time we got orange hi-vis vests & the terrorgraph put t-shirts on our chairs for a finals game.

what they should to do for the Geelong game is orange and/or charcoal face masks.😁

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