Senior Harry Sharp (2020-)

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Sep 14, 2006
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
GWS; CCMariners; NQCowboys; Ravens
Harry Sharp

Guernsey Number: 7

Position: Wing

Height: 184cm

D.O.B: 17/12/2002

Nickname: Sharpy

Local Club: East Point Football Club

AFL Club supported growing up: Richmond then Gold Coast

Hidden talent: Singing and dancing

Favourite holiday destination: Hawaii

Favourite TV show: Animal Kingdom

Favourite movie: Spenser Confidential

Favourite pump up song: Outside – Travis Scott

Greatest inspiration and why? Howard Clark, because he is a positive mentor, very knowledgeable man, caring and interested in everyone’s life.

Which AFL player do you model your game on and why? Lachie Whitfield because of his run and carry, his kicking ability and endurance.

This year was shaping as a tough one for decision-making for young Ballarat athlete Harry Sharp.
Aussie rules or athletics?
He was always going to give football a big shot, but the national track champion was still planning to make a play at the big time in athletics.
It was certainly going to be a balancing act at some points.
The intervention of the COVID-19 shutdown changed all that for the 17-year-old. - effectively makiing the decision for him.
For so long there was nothing.
Now with athletics - cross country, road, and track and field - competitions still some way from getting back into full swing, football is now his primary focus.
Inititally he will continue his preparation with Caulfield Grammar in readiness for the Associated Public Schools season on July 25 and then turn his focus to Greater Western Rebels in the NAB League under-18s, where the East Point youngster hopes to promote his prospects for the national AFL draft.
Sharp said his athletics training programs had been instrumental in maintaining his fitness throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

FORMER steeplechaser Harry Sharp has set a new 2km time trial record at the Victorian NAB AFL Draft Combine on Saturday.

The Greater Western Victoria Rebels prospect underlined his athletic qualities with a brilliant run in the endurance test.

His time of 5 minutes 28 seconds smashed the record attained by Jay Rantall at last year's Draft Combine, when the now Collingwood midfielder ran 5:50 in the gruelling aerobic test.

Jason mp

Premium Platinum
Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
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Valleys. Chelsea.

I know it is not playing football but there is a lot to take out of that last lap.
I was a big fan of track mid distance running in the Coe/Ovett era, that was an impressive run by our boy, did it running away in the end. The guy who ran 2nd over estimated his own ability, looked to have a winning lead at the top of the turn but fell in a big ditch.

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Section 5

Club Legend
Nov 26, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Found another of Harry's runs on youtube from his under 16 days, 0.61 seconds off the all time Australian age record.

Yes that run was impressive for a 15 year old in Dec 2017 with a time of 5.55.8
I noticed 2 years later he also won but his time was basically the same 5.55.74
Conditions and how the race was run could have been different

2019 Australian All Schools Championships
Western Australia Athletics Stadium - 6/12/2019 to 8/12/2019

Event 11 Boys 2000 Meter Steeplechase 84cm Under 18
National: N 5:43.73 1988 Aaron Hunt, NSW
Meet: M 5:50.58 2017 MJ Jansen Van Rensburg, WA
Name Year Team Finals Points
1 Sharp, Harry 02 VICTORIA 5:55.74
2 Konecny, Riley 02 SOUTH AUSTRALIA 5:56.92
3 Jansen van Rensburg, Jac 02 WESTERN AUSTRALIA 5:58.15
4 Hinchcliffe, Liam 03 NEW SOUTH WALES 6:06.79
5 Townsend, Lachlan 03 NEW SOUTH WALES 6:12.75
6 Crabtree, Bailey 02 NEW SOUTH WALES 6:14.42
7 Longworth, Hamish 02 NEW SOUTH WALES 6:17.37
8 Chambers, Ben 02 QUEENSLAND 6:19.85
9 Mills, Jayden 02 QUEENSLAND 6:24.46
10 Beal, Matthew 06 QUEENSLAND 6:27.41
11 Hobbs, Jaron 03 VICTORIA 6:27.93
12 Keatch, Josh 02 WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6:47.60
Interestingly the meet record of 5.50.58 was at the same 2017 event but by an under 18 runner named MJ Jansen Van Rensburg
His younger brother ran third to Sharp 2 years later in 2019

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Club Legend
Nov 26, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Here's Harry Sharp being interviewed at the Marine Corps Holiday Classic in the USA, 2017
Great interview and good experience for him to compete overseas at a young age
Looks like they did the interview because he won and beat some of the best ranked cross country runners in the nation.
It must have been a mile race but for cross country runners
Arrived 1 day before his birthday
Looks like it takes place in "The Armory" Fort Washington Avenue High School New York
Not a bad piece of info structure for a high school



All Australian
Feb 12, 2008
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Seen his kicking reported as a weakness but then also heard it described as a strength. I wonder which it'll be. Will be an interesting one to watch at training.

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 7, 2007
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Chelsea, Boston Red Sox
Guernsey Numbers Revealed
Harry Sharp - 22

Running machine Harry Sharp will don the number 22 guernsey in 2021.

The draftee inherited the number from Mitch Hinge who left the Club at the end of last season.

Chris Scott holds the games record in the number having worn it in 215 games for the Lions, including the 2001-02 premierships.

Lions assistant coach Ben Hudson also previously wore the number for the Club.

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