Travel How old is 'too old' to stay in a backpacker hostel?

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Oct 2, 2007
AFL Club
Do you think it was because you were self conscious about it, or did you actually pick up a vibe and receive "looks" telling you that you didn't belong?
Both (although it's hard to tell).

I found high levels of antipathy (and even occasional hostility) from fellow Aussies and a few Kiwis. The Europeans, Canadians and Americans were much more open and friendly. Even then you'd often bounce from invisible to a social leper until you found your groove.

I do recall when I was younger and in the scene properly, there would always be that lone creepy older dude at the Hostel (its a stereotype). To the point you would wind up wary of any older dude, because there was a good chance he was a creep (not all were, but a sizeable number certainly were). The stigma kind of carries over to pretty much every middle aged dude in hostels.

Travelers as a whole are a pretty open bunch though.

I didnt have much of a problem meeting friends, and hooking up etc and all the usual social stuff. Your personality always shines though to most people; if you're a dick it doesnt matter how old you are really, and if youre an awesome dude, few people are going to write you off simply because you're older as well.

I guess I overcompensated and was super mindful at times not to come off wrong, rather than (when I was a younger bloke) I could just be myself and not worry as much. That was the main difference.

Im totally going to do it again when borders open.

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