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How's Grundy working out for you NARRM?

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Premiership Player
Mar 3, 2004
No Fixed Address
AFL Club
And so the fractured fairytale comes to its inevitable and untimely end as the Dreamons bid farewell to Grundy after just 17 games and 12 months, in exchange for a packet of half-eaten crisps, pick 46 (lol) which will wind up being in the 50s, and an unknown future pick which they'll no doubt squander anyway

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Rare picture of BG during the brief time he was happy at Melbourne, when Max tried to show him how to grow a beard

From Tap Brothers to tap out, the chemistry resulted in a nasty rotten egg smell which will hang around the Deees forever because “he who smelt it, dealt it”

Don't forget to change the direct deposit info for the wages you are still paying to his new bank in Sydney.

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