Toast Levi Casboult

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Oct 5, 2004
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Will get a nice contract, not sure it will be with us though.

He’s as confident as he’ll ever get at the moment, been a great servant yet overly criticised by many a Carlton supporter.

If I was the Western Bulldogs I’d be throwing some very nice terms at Levi, and if it meant we got an early second rounder as our compo I reckon we’d let him move on rather than try and match it.

We need picks to wheel and deal, only thing stopping that imo is what we will try and get through FA which would dilute that compo


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Jul 20, 2009
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At the beginning of the year Levi (imho) would've been at the rear of the pecking order of our afl rated bigs. Going to make for a very interesting selection committee when Harry, Charlie, Liam, Levi and the rest of the bigs are all available for selection. Never thought I’d say it but with coaches wanting players who are versatile...Levi is going to make it hard to be left out.

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Oct 6, 2008
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Kicking yesterday like an old professional. Looked sheepish after one of the goals.

:thumbsu::thumbsu: double cobra Levi
Easily the most sheepish 10-year key position player in the AFL. I remember a media interview with him, quite a while ago, where they brought up his goalkicking numbers the season before we rookied him, 41 goals 14!

"You were a real sharpshooter back then, what went wrong?" And he looked at the ground and mumbled something like "Played deep forward... had about 60 shots from the top of the square...", and then him and his interviewer both bursting out laughing :) .

I love the way he is playing, the way he has pressed on even when everyone thought he was hopeless and finished. Deserves a podium finish in the B&F, and I hope it happens for him.

I think he also showcases the value of professionalism and preparation. He gets fit and he stays fit; he's always ready to play, in whatever role we need. Talls can be injury-prone, and not just the young ones... his durability is a real asset to us, and if we let him go, I reckon we'll regret it, especially if we do it deliberately in pursuit of trade currency. Has at least a couple of AFL-quality years left in him, and they should be with us, especially if we cut both Lobbe and Phillips.
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