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Jul 5, 2011
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How much is this costing and does it count in the soft cap?
15 posts earlier has some info you might be interested in. There is a separate $400k AFLW football department soft cap for staff and running costs, while things like player wages and travel expenses are currently funded by the money the AFL gets from taxing Essendon for pointlessly spending above the men's soft cap, ha!

How much is match entry to the AFLW?
Depends on the game. Arden Street is free entry, but if you want to see the team smash Richmond at Punt Rd in person then you'll have to book a ticket ahead of time for a small yet-to-be-determined fee (assuming that match isn't rescheduled, which is no sure thing).


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Sep 8, 2000
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who would want to represent their country when you could play for NMFC? Easy call. Well done Jess, you're a star!
Australia A. Yes
Australia at a World Cup. No.

If she is selected for the T20 World Cup in Feb/Mar 2020 I have no doubt she will choose Cricket over playing for NMFC.

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Mar 6, 2019
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I want to make sure that this is prefaced with that she is free to do what she chooses and playing for Australia is a big thing.

But as a supporter it would be disappointing, cause im much more invested in this team than that team. And that dissapointmemt is lined with feeling annoyed, because she is one of our most consistent and best players. Thats a hard player to replace. Not impossible, but hard. Decisions were likely made with the idea that shes playing for us?


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May 18, 2012
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And they're wearing Mugar jumpers. Really starting to think that "severed relationship" is not so severed after at all.
I'm sure it's quite cordial. At the end of the day the MUGARS mission is to serve the University sports community, not North Melbourne, and it looked like we were asking a lot of them to accommodate all our VFLW needs last year. Going it alone makes sense for both clubs. To the extent that I care, I hope the standalone VFLW clubs can continue to thrive with all the AFL teams staking their claims.
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