1. PerfectFooty

    Preview AFLW Round 5 GWS Vs Melbourne, Blacktown. Sunday March 3rd, 2:05pm

    Sorry late on this thread, still recovering from last weeks loss. Team TV/Radio Seven (Syd), Fox Footy, AFLW Website, Kayo Sports Forecast 29° Partly Cloudy
  2. PerfectFooty

    Review AFLW Round 4 vs North Melbourne (and Umpires). The Good, Bad and Fugly

    Must win clash for the girls this week. North are undefeated in our conference, beat them and we are equal on points (Freo the other undefeated). Surprisingly it's a Sunday game but the teams have come out already Thread life = Preview - Gameday - Review - Terminate Team TV/Radio Fox Footy...
  3. PerfectFooty

    Review AFLW Round 3 Vs Brisbane. The Good, Bad and Fugly

    Threads up, Standard procedure. Preview - Gameday - Review. Game Starts at 3:35pm EST in Queensland, 4:45pm AEDT Victoria Teams TV/Radio 7Mate (Brisbane Only), Foxtel, Kayo Sports
  4. AFLW Round 2, 2019

    AFLW Round 2, 2019

    Follow on the Womens Footy Board:
  5. PerfectFooty

    Review AFLW Round 2 vs Collingwood. The Good, bad and Fugly

    Sorry, meant to have this up yesterday. The dees head down to old Vic Park to take on the Pies. Like last week this thread will morph into a gameday and terminate as a review thread TV/Radio Fox Footy, 7Mate (Vic), Kayo Sports, AFLW Website, SEN Weather 21°C and Rain
  6. Hello Kitty

    AFLW AFLW Players -v- AFL Players Comparison: Who is their counterpart?

    After our inaugural AFLW game + historic win last night, thought we might have a bit of fun comparing AFL + AFLW counterpart players by position. Or to discuss/compare our AFLW Players with past Geelong players. As an example BlakeyNoFlakey + I thought we saw a bit of Scarlo about Meg McDonald...
  7. PerfectFooty

    Review AFLW Round 1 Vs Fremantle. The Good, Bad and Fugly

    Starting off our first game of the year against Freo at Casey. Team: This thread will start as a preview, roll over into a Gameday Thread, before finally changing into a review and finishing there TV/Radio Foxtel, Kayo Sports, AFLW Website Weather 39 Degrees and Mostly Sunny
  8. C

    Carlton AFLW Best 22

    Hi Guys, Was just wondering on getting your thoughts on our Womens best 22 for 2019 I'll do a Best 22 team with the most selected players B: ________, ________, _________ HB: ______, 1. Bri Davey, _______ C: 10. Sarah Hosking, ________, 11. Jess Hosking HF: ______, 22. Tayla Harris, _______ F...
  9. NTRabbit

    List Mgmt. 2018 List Management Resource Compilation Thread with Key Post-Season Dates

    Hey, I got to start it early this year! :poo: With finals now gone, I expect players looking for send off games are going to start announcing retirements, and maybe some players will have their retirement announced for them. Besides, I got annoyed and typed it all out, so I'm not throwing it...
  10. lockheed

    News NMFC AFLW 2019

    2019 AFLW TIPPING HERE: Prize: a year's Platinum and medal for the winner! ***************************************************************************************************************************...
  11. drunkill

    Welcome back to Carlton Daniel Harford (Snr Coach)

    Daniel Harford has been appointed as coach of the carlton AFLW side. A former Carlton player himself (9 games) he has moved across from an assistant coaching position at Collingwood for their 2018 AFLW season...
  12. Freo Quokkas

    Women's Footy Farewell Amy Lavell

    In recognition of Amy Lavell, her talent participation, contribution and legacy to the Fremantle Football Club and AFLW. Please post your thoughts and opinion.
  13. Jazny

    Jessica Wuetchner (the Leigh Matthews of AFLW) slams whoever the boss of AFLW is over rule changes!!

    The AFLW is sexist against women and hates women playing AFL so they decided to change the rules after one game this year to "fix" women's football! Apparently having incredible defensive skills is bad now!! Jessica "10 & 2" Wuetchner hit back on social media saying: “This is my view only, but...
  14. czero

    Vic State of Origin Womans Team Song Best song... ;)
  15. Darebin Falcons U14

    Darebin Falcons U14

    U14 flyer
  16. Coopers

    Women's Footy AFLW R.5 Crows vs Lions...Norwood Oval, Saturday 4th March, 6:40PM CDST

    Figured we didn't have a thread for it. Reckon there will be a fair crowd for this one - top of the table clash. Including Me! I'm going to go. Brisbane are a different beast, we'll want to start well this time, rather than only showing up after quarter time as per the last 2 weeks. Don't want...
  17. Wickzki

    AFLW: Around The Grounds Rounds 1 - 7

    Hi all I'm sorry if I missed a general discussion thread like we have for the men's so I thought I'd start one here. Mods, I apologize if this is in appropriate. -- FOR TELSTRA CUSTOMERS Sign up for the AFL Live Pass which is free and unmetered. With this...


  19. Crimson Azure

    Player Sponsorship 2017 Player Sponsorship - Kennedy and K Smith - Player function review 23/7

    Alright, pony up the dough! I mean it's time for those who would like to be part of the player sponsorship to let us know how much you plan to contribute towards the 2017 sponsorship. We have Kennedy locked in again, so his career is almost certainly now over but hey, thats how we roll. We...
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