Game Day Pies vs Swans

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Aug 3, 2004
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And yet of our 5 goals straight he was involved in 3.
3 from 6 yeah

wicks he got the outlet from florent thanks to sinclair interception

he got the crumb while waiting for others to contest the mark and handballed to papley and yep a nice pass to papley big tick

thats 3 moments, shame the rest was horse sh*t and he cant mark in front and does it make up for the two putrid shots at goal, no for me, but the low bar you set him i guess he will get brownlow votes

Sea fog

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Jun 24, 2012
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It clearly is given that's what Wicks was wearing.
BTW I wasn't accusing the Swans player of wearing illegal boots, just passing on information and perhaps dispelling rumours that the stretcher was a ruse to stall time given that the Pies had a depleted bench and came off one less day preparation with flying in between.

It was a tough old slog of a match.


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Apr 26, 2016
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Vic media is effing bullshit. Sick of them "hearing things" out of x club, then publishing them and twisting public opinion of it. Reminds me of last year how the Daniher reporting was entirely from Essendon's perspective. Who Essendon wanted from the Swans, what Essendon were wanting, why Essendon needed to keep/trade Daniher.

Just like now they hear what probably amounted to no more than a passing quip from a coach or player and it's reported in the news.

**** off.

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Jun 22, 2012
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What the F !!??
How does the team let that happen?
That's the thing.

Players should know sure but there is a bloody huge list of trainers strappers etc etc who should be all over it.

Having said that - let's wait and see if it is all true.

Edit: didnt see the next page when i posted this.

Well fair enough on the stretcher taking so long. No issues there. And of course metal put to bed.

Freak accident - moving along.


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May 25, 2016
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The swans have confirmed wicks had a Nike hybrid boot with a mix of moulded and screw ins. Other players were wearing the same boots across the entire comp. I can confirm the boots worn by wicks were not altered in any way by the player. The AFL will review whether the boots are legal. As such it is not really a player issue.

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