Protected Area nonsense


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Sep 19, 2007
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Port Adelaide
It's a shit rule but I don't know how you can argue that one.

He should have ran straight out to the right of screen when Kolo took the mark.

Instead he ran left of screen and hooked back around the back of Kolo.

He was not following a man.

That was the exact reason the rule was brought in. Kolo couldn't have swung left to play on because the Melbourne player was illegally running around the back of him.
The rule is a pile of shit.

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May 25, 2006
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Why do the AFL change the interpretation on umpire contract in the middle of the season yet they can't change the Ridiculous, Arbitrary, Over officiated, Harsh, Gamechanging bullshit rule that is the 'Protected Area' rule?

It was never an issue for 100 years. Now it's confusing players, destroying momentum and wrecking games.

The AFL is meant to be a sport about skill and athleticism. Not about getting too close to somebody during a period when the game is paused.

Why aren't commentators talking about it more? Where are the articles from Robbo, Carro, Sam Newman?

It's a blight. Has been all year, every game. Change the rule!
Let them be in the protected area. As long as they dont interfere with the player with the ball, (ie block him or tackle him immediately after hes played on), who cares. If the player with the ball wants to play on and run directly at and around that player ...who cant tackle him.....even better. Use him as a shield. Part of the punishment for him being there!!!!

They should be allowed to be in that area but they have to realise that if they are in that area they are taking themselves out of play.
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