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Mar 28, 2006
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haa haa. My issue is that I am genuinely not interested in criticism. I have heard it all before and that to me seems to be the only reason that that site, and similar, exist. I no longer read them as I do not care what they say. I can make my own mind up and move on quickly. Why complain about what you don't like when there is 50 gig and blog world sitting there to be explored.
I agree. As I've said before, with the advent of high speed internet, music blogs, last.fm etc., the pretentious musings of various self-absorbed music critics have become irrelevant. I can hear the material for myself within the minute....

Leaping Lindner

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Sep 19, 2002
St Kilda
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Anyone else a fan of Snuff? Great band. Was even lucky enough to see them in 1997 when they supported NoFX.
I've got their album "Snuff says......" which is a great album. There was also an Australian band called Snuff about 1997 but they changed their name to Moler before recording.

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