Autopsy RND 10: Down to the Giants

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Apr 20, 2011
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Absolutely pumped in the clearances by GWS. FFS can we please just bring in some midfielders.

For those of you wanting a guy who throws his mouthguard, it hurts you the other way too.

$500 fine doesn't seem like enough for Ward that dumb flopping campaigner.
Clearances weren't part of it. We were getting pumped in first half when we were on top and when we were losing we were winning the clearances.


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Aug 28, 2016
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No consolation, but he as good as admits he staged in the AFL article.

“I’m not saying I staged, but basically I staged.”
Yeah I don't think that was a question. It's not something I ever expected from a player like Ward. I'm glad he acknowledged how disappointing it was. He can't take it back now so unfortunately it has dented his reputation somewhat.

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Mar 18, 2019
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Upon reflecting,
We can’t be mad at Ward, we have players that play for free kicks as well. The officiating is where we have been let down. The umpire wasn’t in a position to see the contact (or lack of) yet paid a free due to nothing but a guess.

It’s a terrible habit in all of the umpires.
When ow as growing up and playing footy, there were heaps of times I heard the umpires say ‘Sorry mate, I couldn’t see it’ play on!!

Umpires are to afraid to miss a free kick then make the wrong decision.

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May 30, 2012
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I remember seeing Ward’s social media last night in real time. First of all I remember seeing lots of putrid sh*t posted on a picture of his son because it was the most recent photo he had on insta. I didn’t see death threat but I saw awful sh*t like “I hope you do another ACL” at least twice. Nothing needed to be posted on that picture other than “cute kid” and anyone using that as an avenue To communicate with the player can get in the f*n bin.

but what I did see in real time was all his responses - lots of trolleeding to everyone who posted, saying “cheers fella” which makes me f*n suss about this round of media he’s doing today. He seemed to be riding pretty high after the win and enjoying winding up the folks who were angry. And then today, this limp-dick response is as weak as the incident:

"Looking back on it, it's probably disappointing to watch. I don't want to be known as a player who stages, I'm not saying I did stage, in the heat of the moment and instinctively that's the act I did."

But now everyone is talking about something other than the incident. I hate that I’ve been made to think like this but if there were threats I want to know where they came from, I don’t want a nebulous response like “there were death threats” - give us the name and if it’s a bomber member then not any ******* more.

What a campaigner of a game I’m still so annoyed hey


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May 5, 2009
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I am not sure I really understand what is going on here.

Was it not clearly a free kick that Ward hammed up to make sure he got? I would even go as far as saying that Ward attacked the ball primarily concerned with drawing the free kick.

But his intention is irrelevant isn't it? He's perfectly entitled to go hard and low and we're supposed to protect the ball player.

People are not approaching this sensibly and I'm afraid I have to agree with Dermie. Are people seriously suggesting that Ward spinning in the air, as McKernan's arm struck Ward in the head and his hip struck Ward in the shoulder, was contrived? Or is it that he made the most of it as he was about to his the ground?

I assume that is what Ward is referring to. He should be an Olympic gymnast if that spiral he did was fake.

It was a smart and courageous play. I'm sorry to say that McKernan, as someone who has been on an AFL list for 12 years, really should have been aware of the situation (and I err toward being a Smack apologist). It is not the same thing as Papley channeling Salvatore Schillaci as he was pushed by the invisible hand.

What I am less confident about is why Townsend was not awarded a free kick. I think the analysis applied to justify that non-decision relates to why Shaw should not be cited (and I agree with that) but it was still high contact. It would be good if someone could identify what rule applies to that contest.
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