Unofficial Preview Round 17 vs Brisbane

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Sep 15, 2012
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Jesus Christ Fox should have been gone 2 years ago and would have been back playing in the VFL. You think he would have been picked up by an AFL Club ? If Marsh had the same luxury of being on a list the likes of ours and it's lack of depth the last few years he would not have been delisted. He would have been kept as a back up defender just like Fox has and maybe rode his luck and improved with consistent game time just like Fox has. Imo if you compare the 2 under the same circumstances Marsh was a better option. Fox won't be on this list by the end of next year.
Is this a Fox/Wolf thing?

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Mar 17, 2012
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No need for them to belt us tomorrow. Just the win suits them and they have a home prelim (assuming if they don't get one it only goes to GC anyways?).
They likely get up by 50 and cruise in the last quarter/half. Either that or we get an absolute hiding.
(IDK why I don't trust this club this year - they always fight way harder than I think possible - but just looking on paper this one is scary).

Would have much rather gotten another game into Warner - playing in the middle, maybe as a tagger - rather than Bell.
Sure he would've been absolutely smashed but....well... actually now I think about it. Might be good plan to leave him out of this one looking at Lyons, Neale, Zorko, Robinson, McLuggage.

Goodluck to young Amartey. Hopefully he shows something up forward and takes a grab or two.


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Jul 20, 2001
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Because Horse does not want to be accused of tanking (and nor should he be.)
I think that would be fair if they rested a more prominent player. Dropped a guy that has played less than 5 games isn’t particularly controversial.

Plus they have managed Sinclair and Rowbottom who are more prominent players.

So either they did it to protect his feelings or because he is injured ... I doubt the club would protect his feelings.

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