Women's Footy Round 3, 2023 - Brisbane Lions vs. Sydney

Who were your five best players against Sydney?

  • [2] Tahlia Hickie

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  • [6] Lily Postlethwaite

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  • [7] Ellie Hampson

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  • [8] Jennifer Dunne

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  • [11] Phoebe Monahan

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  • [15] Poppy Boltz

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  • [20] Shannon Campbell

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  • [23] Dee Heslop

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  • [27] Mikayla Pauga

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  • [33] Analea McKee

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2001
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions

The lady's T-shirt in this article may be different to another lady also refused entry. Had the "Yes".
We could not work out why our entry line was so slow.
Then we saw a lady around 65 years old in distress because she also refused entry.
I mean visibly distressed shaking and trying to hold back tears.
We heard the security person being a supervisor called over stating t-shirt was political, and they had strict instructions on the policy.
He was polite but firm. The lady was being assisted by someone inside and 1 outside the gate.
We overheard she came by train.
I spoke to the supervisor and suggested the lady may be able to wear the shirt inside out as she also had a light jacket which would help.
He said no. I understood why he said no as the person could just swap it back, but she did not seem the type.
I also mentioned that the AFL and Lions AFL have put their support behind the "Yes" vote.
As this article mentions what if one of our players wore a similar t-shirt would they be refused entry.

I am not even sure if wearing a "Yes" or "No" vote t-shirt is political.
It is just asking a question of the Australian people.
Like a state referendum on daylight saving.

It certainly has become a political bum fight in Federal parliament though.
I'm seriously considering buying a shirt from the Yes campaign website and wearing it to the next game specifically

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Mr Ripper

Pink-cheeked and robust
Dec 21, 1999
Far North Fitzroy
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Fitzroy FC
Wear an Ozzy Man t-shirt. That'll confuse 'em!



The Lions Women...roaring into 2023
Jul 7, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
There were a bunch of the team who really made what I think was a collective decision to work extra hard, above and beyond, in the off season and into the early preseason. Regular strength and skills sessions together. Orla, Dawes, Tay Smith, Ellinger, Grider, Lily P and a few others. Seemed to involve a lot of core strength work especially and extensive skills, hand and foot.
It was worth while for Ellinger....looking very fit and running rings around opponents.