Game Day Round 3, 2024: West Coast vs Western Bulldogs

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The players are going to fly from melbourne and stay in adelaide for gather round, rather than come back to perth, then fly over.

Interesting (and good) to see a shift in attitude.
What factor the dads are almost all gone?
Always thought we should do this 2 - 3 times a year.
Maybe they got some tips on how to go about things from Voges. That teams done alright in the last few years with a few hotel stays away from home.

Hai kent :raisinghand:

Heard a journalist who was at Friday's training say there was a real theme to get us back for last year. They will probably use that as motivation. I'm slightly worried they will come out with a chip on their shoulder. Hopefully they are just sloppy and we can get a good go at them. Sides like the dogs who are trying to get up the ladder are most likely to try and thrash us. Good sides like GWS happy to just get the 50 point win.
Currently have the in-laws over who are all Freo supporters. So I was left with no choice but to emerge from the bedroom in full blue and gold kit complete with training shorts and cap. There’s only one way to be and it’s full flipping nuffy.

Delighted LEdwards is the sub. Really hope JWill plays out of the square for the whole game and they sub whichever other forward is the most underperforming at half time. Our fitness suggests we should make the most of the sub in terms of minutes played and LEdwards is perfect for the role.

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The amount of Bulldogs talk on this Kayo stream is stupid.
I don't think they have even mentioned our team yet. it's like they are playing themselves.
Also the amount of Geelong talk on a non-geelong game is annoying as shit
Not open for further replies.

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