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Jul 12, 2019
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North Melbourne
Heard that the AFL had a meeting about the rules with the runners.

What rules/solution would you have with the runners?

I would say the runners can only be on the ground for a minute and can only run out on the ground lets say... 15 times.


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In Fagan we trust.
Jun 1, 2008
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Brisbane Lions
This has been one change the AFL has brought through that I actually don't have any problems with as it is. Runners get on, get their message out and that's it, done. The players coming on deliver anything else between those times, and each team has their messages from the boundary on the signs.

Some coaches now seem to be more directly involved with the interchange - several, including Fagan, opt to sit on the boundary now and speak directly with the players.

What it has done is eliminate having a pink shirt stay on the ground for extended periods of time, as an inactive team member or on field coach.

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