Steve Williams - Missing, presumed Murdered

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Jul 16, 2017
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North Adelaide (SANFL)
Janice Hutchin reveals theory about what happened to her bikie son, Steve Williams
THE mother of a former president of a bikie gang who disappeared has revealed her explosive theory about why her son vanished.

“He said to me, ‘mum I know something about somebody’,” she said.

“He sort of hinted that it was someone high up ... it could have been a police person, (or) it could have been a politician.

“I’ve got a feeling ... he was going to tell the media what he knew about this person and two weeks later, he’s gone.”

Steve Williams had left Gypsy Jokers when he disappeared.Source:News Limited

Ms Hutchin told Nine News she noticed a stranger staring at her son while they were having lunch in the weeks leading up to his disappearance.

“It was just a very odd thing to see. You don’t usually see people hanging around watching people across the road,” she said.

Before he vanished, Mr Williams had left the bikie club because of his daughter Blayze.

Ms Hutchin does not believe those responsible for her son’s disappearance were bikies, and said the only way they would have been involved was if they were hired by somebody else.

Steve Williams’ mother Janice Hutchin held on to hope he was still alive. Picture: Naomi JellicoeSource:News Corp Australia

In the 12 years since his disappearance there have been suggestions Mr Williams was put in a fridge and dumped at sea, put in a hammer mill and fed to the pigs or thrown in an old car that went through the wrecker.

Ms Hutchin told The Advertiser she last saw her son on June 14, 2005, the same day he disappeared.

He went to her home to have a coffee, as he’d often done, but she said this particular day he was acting strangely.

“He was a little bit different. He wasn’t concentrating on the visit,” she said.

“He got a phone call — I’m assuming from his boss — and said he was going to the hotel at Gepps Cross.

“I think I’m the last one in the family to get a big hug from him. I can still feel it.”

Mr Williams was also a debt collector and it is believed he may have been dropped at the Singleton’s Transport trucking company to retrieve some money.

Mr Williams was just 38 when he disappeared and his body has never been found.

His mother has held on to hope he could still be alive but now believes he was killed.

Police believe Steve Williams started writing a book after leaving Gypsy Jokers.Source:News Corp Australia

Case officer Detective Sergeant Paul Ward told The Advertiser there was no clear motive, but it is believed Mr Williams had started writing a book since leaving the bikie club.

“There had been some speculation among gang members that Williams was in the process of writing a book about his life and activities,” he said.

“It appears that within the outlaw motorcycle gangs community they were not too happy with that. That probably started a number of issues that Steve had. But it may be as simple as someone he was collecting money from.”


Mar 21, 2016
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It wasnt police

The apocryphal story is he is in the St Vincent Gulf along with a washing machine. This is a very similar story to this adventure. Maybe the story borrowed from the other or the method was

They launched the boat and drove for 15 minutes out into the middle of Spencer Gulf.
The boat stopped.
Cosimo, still bound and gagged had two tractor flywheels attached to him.
They then threw him overboard, still alive.

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Jul 6, 2011
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Yeah it’s definitely the SA illuminati

No way known a person who makes a bunch of criminals feel betrayed ends up dead by any other means

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