The Bigfooty Liverpool Thread

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Unfortunately Chelsea seem to play better against teams in the top 6 this season. They deserve their dross for teams below that mark.

Luckily so much of their team is turned over that the "revenge factor" for the previous two cup finals shouldn't be there

Every win with this injury list and fixture compression feels like a big deal so this would be a landmark win, closing out a competition. Belief is what we have right now so the momentum is critical.

Yes, Chelsea will be a very tough nut to crack and they'll be encouraged by all of our injury issues.

Momentum is a big thing in football, we have that right now and hopefully that gives us the edge to win in 90 minutes.

Think Jurg will go Mo/Gakpo/Diaz up front with Mac/Endo/Elliot in mid.

I expect there will be heavy rotation for the FA cup game v Soton.
And you left out Nunez all together :D
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For the stats minded, heres Pochettino’s career W/L record by opponent.

(summary, he doesn’t like Liverpool, and hates Real)

Are Darwin and Mo really that bad injury wise? Can't believe there are 4 dudes that got injured immediately after coming back from an injury
Darwin felt something so precaution.
Mo felt something in his thigh so again was rested. And this only got traction because an Egyptian commentator mentioned it and then the Echo reported it.

Klopp didnt think either of the boys was anything serious but who knows.
Are Darwin and Mo really that bad injury wise? Can't believe there are 4 dudes that got injured immediately after coming back from an injury
If there's one tiny silver lining about Klopp leaving its that the new manager will have no pre-existing loyalty to our medical/rehab team.

Jota having someone land on his knee is unforseeable. Having players getting soft tissue/ligament injuries, go through rehab (supposedly) and then immediately getting the same injury again is a joke.
The fact Gakpo and Elliot played the full 90 makes me think he knows at least one or both of Salah or Nunez will be available.

I reckon both. They probably didn't play so they would be fully fit for the final.

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With the League Cup Final approaching I went back to the last LC Final we were in and also the FA Cup Final when we did the double in 2022 and almost did the quaddie.

And to my surprise... Naby bloody Keita started in both finals haha. Mr.Sick Note himself. Other interesting things that totally escaped my memory from those games was that Diaz was already here and started both finals with Mane through the middle. Bobby was injured and not involved in the League Cup Final but was on the bench for the FA Cup final and came on for Diaz later in the match.

Thiago also wasnt involved in the League Cup Final cos he was injured but started and played the full game in the FA Cup Final which Fabinho took no part in cos of injury with Hendo/Thiago playing the 6 role.

Also in the FA Cup Final, Mo got injured and was subbed out on 33 minutes.

All of these things I had forgotten haha.

Won both though so that's a win.
Because we are still alive in the FA Cup and Europa and from this point forth will be playing midweek games unless knocked out of those. Chelsea don’t have the same congestion. We also played a “non televised game” in the UK last night due to a clash with UCL matches. This was an anomaly of circumstance the PL would prefer not to do to if not forced…
Yeah basically because we're on for the quaddie, we are gonna be rammed for fixtures and because Chelsea are s**t and arent rammed for fixtures they wont end up with midweek games like us.

We want to be in this position, sure we have to play midweek and Chelsea get a full week to prepare but we want this, it means we are in the running for every trophy possible.

Bring on Chelsea on the weekend, I'd love to tuck the League Cup away in the cabinet and then forge on for everything else. Also if we can get that one and we end up short everywhere else, at least it's one more trophy for Klopp before he leaves.

Yea okay, fine. But in allowing Chelsea the week off, the PL is disadvantaging Spurs. It seems the FA is going out of its way to protect Chelsea and in so doing disadvantaging Spurs because at some point Spurs have to play a catch up fixture.

The PL had an opportunity to make it fair for both Cup finalists by making Chelsea play on the same night as Liverpool vs Luton yet it opted to give Chelsea the week off. I know the PL is a separate entity from the EFL but still, the integrity and credibility of English football as a whole is called into question when s**t like this happens.

I am not an auditor but I studied it. Auditors have to be independent in fact and be independent in appearance. Two limbs that must be satisfied. If one limb is breached, the auditor is not independent of the client. The auditor could be independent in fact 150% but if it appears to a stakeholder that he is not, then the auditor is not and must resign from the job. Of course auditing is different to football but the pertinent point I want to make is the independence in appearance. Let’s be frank, Chelsea having the week off whilst we were made to play is not a good look, especially given that PL would rather give Chelsea the week off at the expense of Spurs later down the track. The PL could have said “right, Liverpool and Chelsea are playing in the EFL Cup final on Sunday, we’ll schedule them to play their respective league games midweek on the same night so both teams are in the same boat”, but no.

What if the final goes into ET and 20 minutes into ET we start to tire whilst Chelsea still have juice in the tank? Again, no ramifications for the bright spark who made the decision to postpone the Chelsea game just like there will be no ramifications for Darren England.

This stinks to high heaven, it really does. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad our fixture list is full but I can’t help but think that the PL is helping out Chelsea.

Up the reds.
Poch already kicking off the excuses, basically implying that the pressure on referees is not to do the job for Klopps farewell tour, and not to be part of the hype. stating that that’s what happened last month in the big thrashing they copped.

Clearly that’s why the shot count was Liverpool 28, Chelsea 4.
And why Nunez hit the post 4 times.
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