The Bigfooty Liverpool Thread

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Even though is is the smallest of the trophies to win. This will go down as one of our greatest cup wins.

Half the team out injured, being carried by kids, VAR and the referee against us. Chelsea dominating the last 20 minutes of the second half. Looking like a loss was more likely. To come out settled after the full time break. We kept throwing everything at them, and held firm against everything they threw at us. In the end the resilience paid off.

What a win.

Kelleher saved us from losing the game, Virgil won it for us. Both of those easily our best two players. Virgil with one of the best captains games in a long time.
VVD absolutely immense, a total rock at the back and stood up in the most crucial moments. Konate similarly impressive.

Just an amazing, amazing performance given the squad out there. Bunch of academy kids taking it to and embarrassing a $1B team.

Truly relishing moments like this now under Klopp given these are his final days. Just speechless at the heart of this squad.
And a small afterthought to an epic win

Dear Poch

Make sure to take your referee conspiracy theories with you when Poehly sacks your sorry ass tomorrow

That Virgil performance was like Gerrard in a Cup final in the old days, dragged us over the line through sheer force of will
Funny Hislop was talking about Gerrard and THAT West Ham FA Cup final just a couple of hours ago. As was Steve Nicol about the Everton one straight after Hillsborough.

Today earns it's place alongside them.

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That'S gotta be close to VVDs best game in red. It definitely was for Kelleher.

Chelsea should just fold. Billions of pounds for the most expensive clownshow in history
What a special moment when the Liverpool fans rose up as one in extra time in response to the kids playing out of their skin.

Chelsea: players and supporters, went into their shells and didn't want the moment.
"This will go straight into Liverpool folklore, the day a load of kids beat a billion-pound team from London. One or two of them will become Liverpool legends; most won’t, and some might be playing in the fourth tier in 2026. But however life turns out, they’ll all be there for the reunion in 2049. This game bonds them forever."

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