The Chelsea roller-coaster

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This thread still going? Lock her up. Business as usual for us next season 🏆
Haven't really been paying attention to this, what's going to end up happening?

Chelsea get sold and run as normal, govt withhold 4bil until the war on Ukraine is over (could be months/years) and then Roman gets the money back after?

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English media, its pathetic.

Don't like the idea of Boehly taking over Chelsea tbh, he seems a good guy and in it to make his teams better.
eden hazard GIF by Chelsea FC
For those who don't follow MLB:
  • The Dodgers are one of the wealthiest and best-run teams in the league, making the October playoffs year after year in a league which is pretty stingy in giving out playoff berths, compared to the other American sports at least.
  • Like Liverpool, they went more than 30 years without a title (1988-2020). They lost the 2017 World Series in 7 games to the Houston Astros, only for it to be revealed 2 years later that the Astros were cheating by telegraphing to their batters what the pitch the pitchers were about to throw.

Few view the Astros' win with any legitimacy, however it's probable they weren't the only team doing it. So I guess you could say they won in 2017 as well?
  • Last decade they had a reputation for paying overs to injury-riddled players. While MLB technically doesn't have a salary cap, going over a certain threshold involves paying luxury tax and consistent transgression can result in loss of draft picks. In recent years, they've been a bit smarter with handing out huge contracts. Unencumbered by MLB's soft cap in the EPL, I wouldn't expect them to go full Man City with spending but they'll definitely shell out when needed.

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