Racing The Punting Board Flemington Carnival Tipping Comp - 2021

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Sep 4, 2003
AFL Club
Other Teams
Balmain, GreenBay, Edmonton, Celtic
The greatest annual competition on Big Footy is back!

iluvparis Rules

1. Each day make ONE selection in each race at Flemington
2. Order your selections from MOST (9) confident to LEAST (1) confident.
3. If your selection wins you receive points based on how highly you ranked your selection (i.e. on a 9 race card, if your highest selection wins you get 9 points, while you would get 1 point for your lowest).
4. You can edit any scratchings up until the start of Race 1.
5. A late scratching will be replaced by the SP favourite. With that selection dropping to the bottom of a tipsters confidence rankings. Every other tip will move up a position as a result.
6. Most points wins.

Please keep the horses in race order and rank each accordingly

Prize = $50 share in quaddie on whenever Sandown Classic (at Caulfield) day is

Hall of Fame
2020 - whowants2know
2019 - mario bortallotto
2018 - TBellicious
2017 - MJC
2016 - PieBeast
2015 - Duritz
2014 - abs_of_steele
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Import Whisperer
Apr 1, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
Calgary Flames, Man Utd
For those interested we also have a daily tipping comp these days which has paid out around $1000 in prizes since the start of COVID



Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 18, 2008
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
R1. Brigatine 2
R2. Mankayan - 7
R3. El Patroness -4
R4. Kemalpasa - 8
R5. Tofane - 9
R6. Gunstock - 5
R7. Extreme Warrior - 6
R8. Mr Brightside - 3
R9. Rainbiel 1

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