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Sep 15, 2007
I don't know
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This is a quick cheap sporting trip.

Flying Adelaide to Honolulu - Overnight flight, so sleep
4 Full days (3 nights) on Oahu. 1 day to search the countryside. 1 day for the game vs Hawaii, 1 day to relax. (Screw shopping. Most cities in the world have everything) 1 day to do the Pearl Harbor stuff.
I can no longer go to Yellowstone (I have since found out most of the park shuts in early October. so will be shut for when im there) so ill probably just fly straight through to Boise (Honolulu-Seattle is an overnight flight, so sleep). Probably hire a car and do some driving around the Treasure Valley. Thinking heading out to Shoshone Falls. A hike through the foothills just outside the city. See the nature. Go to the Boise Game.
THen head back to Seattle. Go to 49ers vs Seahawks, Head out to the Boeing factory and have a tour. THen spend a day seeing Seattle (got a friend who lives there so can show me around)

This isn't a trip to see the country (that was 2014) I just want a quick trip to see specific things. Flights were cheap due to sales. Boise is a cheap city to stay in. Seattle I can have things covered. So the one concern is Honolulu. But hey, 4 days/3 nights is nice and quick.
Just seattle and hawaii is fine. Although the best parts of hawaii arent on oahu.

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