VFA, yes. VFL, no.


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Aug 23, 2010
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This thread will ask the simple question followed by a hopeful response.

Were they playing in the VFA? Yes.
Did they ever move to the VFL? No.

Initially, this thread will focus on pre-1897 players.

I don't know how I want to format this but what I am sure of is I don't want any VFLS/AFLM players.

I want their dates of birth plus their dates of death as well as club/s, their years plus games and goals.

If they played for a VFL/AFL U19's team and/or magoos, I'll happily accept those but it's mainly the VFA/VFL names from 1859-1896.

I understand that this will be a laboriously long task.

If they partook in combat, include their combative activities.
If they were in the Eureka Stockade, include that.

Wikipedia entries, welcomed.
AustralianFootball.com, Boyles Footy Photos and other sources, yes.

Any suggestions, dump them here.


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Oct 26, 2008
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I believe there is a book which covers a fair bit of what you are seeking. Origins of Australian Football (volume 5) by Mark Pennings has all games and goals totals for VFA players before the VFL commenced in 1897. The ISBN is 9780646955971 if you want to try ordering it from your local bookshop, but I have a feeling you may need to contact Mark Pennings himself to buy a copy (m.pennings@qut.edu.au). I bought my copy from the Melbourne Sports Books owner who has now moved to Adelaide. There is a copy of this book upstairs at Melbourne State Library people may browse through.


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Jul 26, 2014
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The VFA Project is a project aiming to develop/provide such a list - Michael Riley is the database owner
Unfortunately it has very little data pre-1897 at this stage but the intent is to build it (contributors welcome)
Has the most complete list of VFA/VFL crossover players I've seen...

Blueseum, Collingwood Forever, Tigerland Archive and Demonwiki all have lists of varying completeness
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