Game Day West Coast Eagles vs Richmond Tigers Round 8 2023

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I'd take that, because the lulz on the Freo board would be more enjoyable.

Not much for us to look forward to this season apart from seeing how the youngsters track, let's face it.

It’s the only thing that’s making this season alright, can you imagine them dominating and where like this😂

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Probably culley mate

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Rotham was probably having his best game until that “moment”. If he played consistently at that level (IF) I’d persevere with him and I’ve been his worst critic.
- we’ve got very few rocket hand ballers. All lobby s**t.
—Trew ran around like a chook without a head. Hit the contest hard son..
- do we get kicking practice?? I’m sick of up and under kicks.get the ball there quickly. It doesn’t need to be a daisy cutter just not lobbed!!
-Geez Duggan if you could learn to have a look you could move up into the minor champ category . Talk about waste kicks when not under pressure
Look I know it's the reality of where we're at right now...

But I am sick to death of watching the WAFL brigade pgo about it. It's giving me IBS.

The crew of Foley, Xon, Rotham, West, Clark and Trew are just so so so bad and out of their depth in this league. Cannot wait until they are all gone.

3 on 2's that we should easily win, but cough up the ball. Players having no foot skills. Players not being able to kick on their opposite foot. Noy being able to ride a tackle. Not being able to asorb pressure. Players missing uncontested targets 15m away. Players dropping marks when they are in space.

At one point it was just a wave of them in the last quarter. 15m chip kick in transition to a free teammate ends up being a lollipop that hangs in the air.

Grim days being a West Coast fan with yet another injury to our rising star from 2 weeks ago. I mean gee whiz.

Then you've got Dinosaur Hurn. Nowhere near our worst, but still stuck so far in Simmos old game plan. Kicks backwards. Kicks sideways. Doesn't mix up the kick ins ever. Doesn't get creative. Stale and vanilla kicking it long to an undersized Darling in a 1v1 against Balta, who he's lost to the last 5 times you kicked there.
Not open for further replies.

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