Scandal What is it with North and women??

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Let’s all hope it isn’t true what I heard that that kid from that scandal is now a player……… as a father of 2 teenage girls this hurts to think that north gives privileges to individuals with a history of misconduct….I hope this isn’t a north player
So you are dragging up a tread from 2019. This was obviously dealt with at the time and deserves to stay there. Oh, and it is your very first post.!!!!
I don't think you will find many North fans excusing him and I'm his biggest critic.

But lets not also exaggerate the issues. These aren't typical domestic violence charges.

His actions are serious and warrant the response from the club. However if he was actually charged with serious DV charges, it's unlikely he'd still be in the AFL at all at this point.

Greenwood bashed his girlfriend in a recording and police dropped the charges after she no longer wanted to give evidence after recieving a massive private payout. There's a big difference.
Is that Hugh or Mason?

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Having that piece of s**t fabian present jhf with his jumper this year set back the domestic violence narrative 10 years. Unbelievable its all but forgotten when there’s something in it for the club
It’d be like us (or them I guess) inviting Nick Stevens back into the fold. Disgusting stuff.

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