Where do we send matho?

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Club Legend
Aug 21, 2013
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Lyons avg 5.7 Tackles a game this year.. not what I say a downhill skier. He works hard. Just think he lacks speed to catch.
Zorko avg 6 this year the other mids Berry, Neale, Clugga and Robbo around 3
Career Avg 4.4 around the same as Robbo 4.5 and above Berry 4.. Not as good as Zorko 6.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 16, 2003
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Can we get threads like this banned, it’s an operation thread by any other name.
We are getting quite good at ensuring our operation threads are successful. If this operation thread is as successful as our other unmentionable one, well the sky's the limit.

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