Player Watch Who is lighting it up for your team this pre-season ?

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Ashcroft is burning the track Neale has said he sees him playing some football inside this year

Darcy Wilmot is probably the other young player likely to play a lot of games also this season also talked about by Neale

Wilmot is a must have on your Fantasy bench. Those two games he played were finals sodidnt affect his price in DT, $200k. If he stays fit he'd likely be getting games.

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Heard the Dons did a good deal with beacon to install some extra bright LED down lights at the hangar so the whole place was lighting up.

Seriously though without some predictions on breakouts or role changes etc this thread is going to just end up as one giant circle jerk.

Jai Culley has bulked up but also finished 3rd in the 2km. Has been keeping up with the best runners, article today on AFL.

He loves preseason and thehard work. Great attitude from a kid.

Ginbey also sets high training standards. Kid is bigger and more ripped than alot of senior players. Already anelite trainer pre draft.

Role changes. Shuey to half back and Kelly to spend more time at half forward. Gaff back to his wing full time, no more on ball crap.
From us: LDU and Phillips set to have strong years alongside Sheezel and Drury to show promise in their first season. Nothing too noteworthy outside of that. Hopefully the entire team is just improving together instead of stagnating... again...

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Some Hawks players have mentioned Connor Macdonald. He looks in absolutely ripping physical shape too. Will be interesting to see if he gets more midfield minutes in 2023. Was recruited as an inside midfielder but looked dangerous and classy on a forward flank in his debut season at the top level.
One I did expect - Shannon Neale


One I did not expect - Mark O'Connor (looking like prime Tom Harley)


One that is surprising everyone internally, apparently, with his speed, size and athleticism - Oisin Mullin (Cat B rookie we signed who was Ireland's best young player 2x)

Nick Daicos ran half an hour in twenty minutes this week
Pies have been able to train at night without the need for artifical lighting just by getting Nick Daicos to stand in the centre square with no pants on.
The light escaping his rear-end illuminates the whole stadium.

Saved a heap in power bills.
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