Who should be our new captain?

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Feb 18, 2000
pellegrini's espresso bar
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North Melbourne
Westy Boy

Yeah, I caught up with Shinbombers24 and we have put him into aversion therapy by making him read every single one of Dan24's posts on this board. It's better than the old Chinese water torture and we think his brain has turned to mush....although it's hard to tell since it was mush in the first place. Unfortunately, it seems to have worked out too well because now he's rambling on about the wooden spooner deserving more recognition.

Westy Boy

All Australian
Aug 10, 2000
Smeltona (DOGS)
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
EVERYONE of his posts???..... well we shouldn't be seeing him for..... about 3 years.

And about that wooden spooner for premiers.... if Essendon were ever in that position.... i wouldn't be suprised to see our Dan24 saying... "it's the only way to go... they need recognition for performing consistently (badly) for 22 rounds... anyone who can't see this is a fool"
Wooden spooner receiving more recognition?
Wooden spooners for premiers?

I like it!

26 Premierships would make us the most successful club of all time.

And to think it was the evil twin Shinbombers24 that came up with it!


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