TV Why are the Ch 7 weather girls doing this stupid walk-and-talk to the camera? :-)

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 12, 2005
AFL Club
This is the dumbest, most contrived crap I can remember seeing on tv news. :D Bunny looks ridiculous. It’s like a parody Brooke Vandenberg would do on Frontline.
How the fek does this come to be? What's it supposed to do? Seriously, I’d love to know how the conversation in the production meeting goes.

Not quite as silly looking, the Ch 9 girls walk across the screen :p


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Nov 28, 2004
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the preview of the weather preview is worse. brief weather mention, "I'll be back in seven minutes to tell you more." then proceeds to tell us SFA and to tune in at the end of the news for the proper weather forecast which is probably incorrect. Also they talk up Jane Bunn like she's a superstar because she's a meteorologist (compared to the weather presenters on the other news channels) and they all source their info from the same BOM anyway.

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