Why do we have the most threads and posts of any team?

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Dec 7, 2016
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North Melbourne
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North Ballarat Roosters
Possibly because North supporters are an opinionated bunch :grinv1:


Premiership Player
Apr 5, 2015
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North Melbourne
We're pretty hot on the autopsy threads when we get spanked or lose a close one (after losing a 5-6 goal lead). I don't think anyone matched our traffic during any of our previous regime catastrophes (2013, 2014 and '15 inconsistency).

Then there's the constant absolute abuse of some of the players that, when making a rare mistake, results in 20 zillion abuse posts in the game thread.

The loss threads usually have like twice the amount of pages vs. win threads. We absolutely love our club but we damn do hate it too lol.


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 11, 2007
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North Melbourne
Other Teams
There used to be another NMFC internet forum called "The Searching Kangaroo", the posters there kinda looked down on Bigfooty people and newbies, so it never really took off as the main place for people to do footy talk about the club.

The majority of NMFC fans posted on the club's web forum on the club website, but the AFL closed them all down when Telstra got control of all the club websites.

Thus, the NMFc community had nowhere else to go so we all ended up here, hence the higher than average post content.

A couple of other Board's are ahead of us now, but If you spaced all of Tas's 30,000 essays into smaller posts we'd come out on top again.
We were leading up until 2017-18 when Adelaide and Carlton had a surge.
Bigfooty became prominent on social media around the Dusty saga and many more casual supporters flocked here as a result.
We still have the most threads but nowhere near most posts anymore.

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