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AFL Record Magazine

Discussion in 'Western Bulldogs' started by Aquamarinejewel, Jul 15, 2006.

Put it out there
  1. Aquamarinejewel

    Aquamarinejewel Premium Gold

    Western Bulldogs
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    Oct 03
    Melbourne Vic
    Don’t know about you guys, I always buy the AFL Record and always hate the fact when we play interstate that I can’t get a copy of it. I have contacted AFL Publishing and they have been able to source me all the interstate games AFL record’s for this season that the Dogs have featured in and will be posting them out to me on receipt of my cheque.

    So if anyone else wants to purchase the AFL Record or a back copy, let me know and I can PM you the email address of the person that handles these enquiries.
  2. jboyar

    jboyar Club Legend

    Western Bulldogs
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    western bulldogs
    Dec 99
    you can also buy them from the AFL members office at Telstra Dome , been doing it for years.