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  1. Professor Knowall

    Country Music

    ...This' from the album of the same name which featured not a few honky tonk "cheatin" songs - and a good reason to have another beer. Yet another #1, his 4th, from 1970 - So with Jerry Lee Lewis now back at the top - but this time as a mature, seasoned and chart topping country star rather...
  2. El_ahrairah

    Oppo Camp Regular Non Eagles Discussion

    Tom Scully taking a break from footy "personal reasons". Worth considering if this guy has ever been worth pick #1, regardless of Dustin Martin at #3.
  3. Taylor

    So who loses their job ?

    I think #1, #2, #5 in the batting line up and the non Cummins or Hazlewood seamer are available.
  4. Aussie_boy

    4th test Australia v India at the Gabba 1030 AEDT

    Yes that's still #1, that one was up there though.
  5. Drugs Are Bad Mackay?

    Roast Tyson Stengle fu**s up again, stood down

    ...up with a better all-round footballer. If we ditch him we're effectively saying that our culture is so weak it can't improve him. Please just give us players who already adhere to our behaviour ideals as priority #1, if they can play a bit that's an added bonus but not the most important thing.
  6. Schulzenfest

    Triple J Hottest 100 - 2020

    Dave from Glass Animals posted on FB that he'll get a tattoo of Australia on his arse if Heat Waves finishes #1, so they definitely want it.
  7. F

    2021 Non-Crows AFL Discussion Part 1: we can have lots of fun!

    Apparently the greatest number of games coached for nil flags: 1. Ted Whitten Sr - 228 2. Neale Daniher - 223 3. Wally Carter - 219 4. Brad Scott - 211 5. Nathan Buckley - 205. Buckley can take the #2 spot this year and maybe the #1 spot if they play finals but fall over. If so, his...

    Bastyy's 2021 AFL Draft Watch

    He means #1 favourite player, not #1 pick.
  9. Hank Heavenly

    Oppo Camp You Can Add Just One

    ...the Bont for me... easily... But in reality, when you look at what it may cost you etc. there are a couple of really nice options Bont is my #1, best player on that list, and flexible enough to play additional roles within our flexible lineup Kelly could be next best. The one area we ofter...
  10. FootyPunk

    Fantasy Fleaflicker BigFooty Bowl 2020

    Yeah looking close in Semi #1, depend how J.Peppers goes in current game, 20 points again this week and you should be right? Think I get through Semi #2 into the final.
  11. Lavy_Panther

    Analysis 2021 trade and list management thread 1

    ...if that didn’t happen. And they still might. For those saying the game has gone past those types of players. I look at the Coleman medal this year and I see Hawkins #1, Dixon #2. Yes McCartin is miles away from them in terms of quality, but their MO is similar and the price tag is not...
  12. owen87

    Adrian Dodoro: Football’s Biggest Fraud IMO for us, and done an ACL, and has just received a contract renewal. Richmond also bid on our academy player, are they unnecessary pricks? What about the Bulldogs who bid on two Academy players late in the draft? Or Adelaide for bidding on JUH at #1, are they pricks? What a strange comment.
  13. giantroo

    Player Watch #1: Jack Mahony - re-signs until the end of 2023

    Good luck in #1, Jack.
  14. WaynesWorld19


    Wouldn't logic dictate that if McDonald was a generational player ....if we overlooked at pick #1, shouldn't North have jumped all over him at pick #2 ? I'm curious of these RUMORS that McDonald interviewed poorly ....was he trying to get to a certain team (SYD LOL), or was there ??? on his...
  15. bobs head soup

    Toast Jamarra Ugle-Hagan - Welcome to the club

    Agreed. Not only were we finalists who got the #1, but we also fluked getting him in a year where we could load up on a heap of junk picks without consequence. Effectively getting him for 14 is outrageously good fortune. When you add in Power's shrewd playing of the Treloar situation (which to...
  16. Dannnnnnnnnn

    Toast Jamarra Ugle-Hagan - Welcome to the club

    ...incredible piece of propaganda this is. My word. In 24 hours, their story has completely changed from "We will pick the best player at #1, regardless of who it is," to, "We have devised a masterful, multi-step plan in order to take a very specific player in the late ******* second round."...
  17. Caesar

    Obscure TV shows you remember

    About ten years ago on the ABC there were two English TV shows that were ‘twinned’. Show #1 was a Home and Away style soap opera, but Show #2 was a drama about the actresses, actors, crew and writers of Show #1. Each week they’d show an episode of Show #1 followed by an episode of Show #2 about...
  18. GremioPower

    Official Team Thread [Nunez – ‘Toots Hibbert’ Winner] S30 - Sin City Swamprats: "A Rats' Dinasty is Nasty in Double”
    Threadmarks: Honouring the Qooty Gods

    ...symbol of our gratitude for another great season, we come together before the gods to offer them the sacrifice of our Spiritual Captain, guernsey #1, Far Kern. We hope that our gift, as painful as it is for us mere mortals and as small as it may be to those most-important immortal beings, is...
  19. GremioPower

    Official Match Thread The Season 30 Grand Final – Gold City Royals vs Sin City Swamprats at SFA Park, Sunday December 13th 2020

    Alberton Qootball Club The Swamprats Sacrificial Rite and Prayer (Opening) Blessed be the Almighty Sim, everlasting, patron of Sweet, the first among all qooty gods, king of Qolympus, lord of Qootball. We the Swamprat faithful are once again reunited in sacrifice to honour the qooty gods...
  20. bobs head soup

    List Mgmt. 2020 Draft - JUH & Bedendo

    Phillips at 3 a bit of a surprise. I reckon Norf have done well there. McDonald and Holland's were tipped as possible #1, still available, reckon there are surprises coming.