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  1. RangaInTeal

    List Mgmt. 2020 Draft Mega Thread

    ...on McInness, if matched take either Holland’s or Bruhn - Which ever their medicos back in. They are the Crows so they will go Tilthorpe... If they some how ended up with the first two picks, I would then take Tilthorpe at #1, then Ugle-Hagan, McInness, Hollands/Bruhn. Interesting times ahead!
  2. ltdamn

    Which inventive way will the AFL deny us pick 1?

    We will be allocated Pick #1, but it will be a restricted pick that must be used on a mature age player no younger than 31 years who has not been on an AFL list for at least 5 years, or it can be traded as an unrestricted pick to any expansion or Vic club.
  3. Glaeken Oracle

    Game Day Dogs v Power - Round 10, 2020, which was probably above average output for his role. He had (a young) Adran Campbell and Phil O'Keeffe as the KPFs for company in game #1, so opposition defences could afford to put time and effort into the shiny new WA recruit at the Bulldogs without worrying about being torched by...
  4. Vader

    Opinion Changes R9 v Norf Melbourne

    You do realise that you won't get pick #1, even if you do lose tomorrow? Adelaide will still be 1 game and significant percentage ahead of you, in the race for the spoon... and this is Adelaide's last winnable game for the year.
  5. VelvetSledge

    Game Day Round 9: Essendon v Brisbane, Friday 31/7/20, Metricon Stadium, 8.10pm AEST

    ...McCluggage, Bailey, Zorko, Starcevich GOALS: Cameron 2, Bailey, Hipwood, McCarthy, Rayner, Zorko DEBUTS: ESSENDON - SAM DRAPER, #38 Pick #1, 2016 Rookie Draft 203cm, 107kg - RUCK BRISBANE - CONNOR BALLENDEN, #38 Pick #43, 2017 National Draft 200cm, 101kg - KEY FORWARD...
  6. Vader

    Opinion Changes R9 v Norf Melbourne

    ...This is about winning a game for the psychological wellbeing of our players, particularly the youngsters. Winning this game won't cost us pick #1, and in all likelihood it's our last winnable game for the season. There is no downside to winning this week, and significant downside to losing.
  7. Kane McGoodwin

    2020 Non-Crows AFL Discussion

    We don't want premiership points stripped as North may take our pick #1, Fine them & deduct drafting points which will drop their picks down the order.
  8. Drugs Are Bad Mackay?

    Opinion Changes R9 v Norf Melbourne

    ...fold test for Nicks 1) Will Nicks* needlessly risk Doedee's hamstring in what is effectively a season of dead rubbers for us? 2) *If* Nicks passes Test #1, will he go back to a known player who has been a regular in our descent, or will he cast an eye over a new guy? *and the selection...
  9. Pykie

    Transfer discussion thread

    Yeah, seems like Romero, Martinez, Gunn and Ramsdale are the 4 options. I think we will go with the older types. Meslier is an outstanding young keeper and there's still the possibility he is our #1, even at 20 years old. de Gea is the last 20 year old to be a regular starter in the PL.
  10. CrowBloke

    Autopsy GBU vs Bombers

    I know who you meant, but Members and people who went are also 'payers'. I want the Crows to get Pick #1, but if they're going to win, then at least win by playing better than today. Scorpus nailed it --- both teams seemed to want to out-lose each other, lol
  11. Vader

    Review Good the Bad and please no more Hartigan - Rd 7, 2020 Hell that Adelaide will win 3 of its remaining 10 games, which is what would be required to avoid the wooden spoon. You'll just have to settle for pick #3 (noting that Ugle-Hagan is expected to go #1, with the Bulldogs matching Adelaide's bid and shuffling everyone down 1 pick in the...
  12. GG.exe

    Fantasy 2020 - Cutthroat League - Discussion

    Aj green is done and dusted as a #1, probably #3 at the bengals Garrett does sfa compared to other des Kamara, sutton, sanders are good pick ups. Something like a B or C+
  13. steady2

    Autopsy Geelong lose to Pies by 22 points - Rd 7 2020

    I thought a few weeks ago that Fort was stamped at #1, but Grundy was devastating, their mids against ours (sans Duncan and Selwood) with that delivery destroyed us. I'm inclined to jump back on with Stanley, his upside is higher than we all know it's his consistency which is the problem.
  14. richoatthedisco

    Autopsy Roast and toast vs Sydney and changes for round 7 vs North Melbourne

    Wot. That was done with the clippers on #1, was as far into the dense undergrowth they could get.
  15. Blue Pulse

    Opinion The 'Carlton related stuff that doesn't need it's own thread' thread Part 2

    If Rankine is still at 3 after 1 game of AFL, shouldn't he be ranked #1, if he is considered that good? A silly task which places more pressure on young men into their 2nd year of AFL, they don't need it. Re Gary Lying, remember when Melbourne begged him to go back and help fix the club in...
  16. Vader

    2020 Trade & List Management discussion

    If we don't bid on TUH at pick #1, then they only have to come up with the points to match a bid at pick #2. At pick #1, they need to come up with 2400 pts. At pick #2, they only need 2014. This is where the sweetheart deal comes in - effectively we have an additional 400pts on our side of...
  17. SaintsSeptember

    The Chinese Communist party are campaigners

    You're probably right. I still have no idea if its #1, #2 or a little of each.
  18. HARKER

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management

    Safe pick maybe. The club knew what it wanted and once we knew where we'd end up, it was all over. Walsh was going to go #1, some way out, but by how wide a margin? Who knows? Does it mater?
  19. M

    Player Watch Will Kelly

    ...on Coxy and Checkers, so lets hope Will has the goods. Surprised cause I saw him in the VFL last year, and a VFL hitout just before lockdown #1, and whilst he showed potential and did some nice things, he looked some way away from being AFL ready. He must really have improved in recent...
  20. MowShow

    Trades Round 6 trades

    I'm moving Viney this week as priority #1, even over Rowell. He's starting to bleed cash, which was the whole reason to pivot to him in the first place. Looking like Viney, Rowell -> Whitfield, Aarts. Leaves plenty in the bank for double upgrade next week.

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