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  1. G Mus

    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Draft, Trade, Free Agency and Academy

    Port rate Geo as #1, would be incredibly hard to get him out of there
  2. L

    Confirmed Dylan Stephens [re-signed for two years]

    ...later picks, which will get us pretty close to 2400 points without relying on any trades for Lynch, Sier, Cox, Thomas. If NM bid on Daicos at #1, we'll have a small (insignificant) deficit for 2022, unless Dib costs us a bit as well. If the bid comes from GWS at #2, we'll be able to get...
  3. The acurate one

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread II

    Looks like we are keeping pick #1, not that the majority on here ever doubted that. And we have applied for a priority pick- fact! And I like our rationale it's very sound.
  4. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Draft, Trade, Free Agency and Academy interested in a move to WA, with an aim to climb the draft order to get ahead of a Darcy bid and walk out of the last two drafts with pick #1, grand final, pick #3 and pick #4 If Melbourne would take pick #3 for Jackson - which is the pick they drafted him with and that cost us our future...
  5. The acurate one

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    Oh shut up Micky :) Yes of course you can never had enough, unfortunately you want a turkey sandwich? You need bread, we got the turkey's covered :p By my way of thinking our mid issues are more lack of experience so unless we bring in a seasoned player that aint changing by adding J F K or...
  6. DaRick

    How does Labor win the next federal election/elections to come? make sure 1) Chalmers doesn't bump off Albo in response, 2) the vaccine rollout is progressing without a hitch. The ALP may be too staid to do #1, but #2 would seem novel given past precedent. Plus early elections usually don't strengthen the incumbent's position unless the opposition has...
  7. bobs head soup

    Strategy Trade and List management Thread Part 4 (opposition supporters - READ posting rules before posting)

    Preuss is probably the most ready to go and Briggs also looks promising. Reckon we'd give Flynn a better shot at clear #1, which is what he needs.
  8. F

    Player Watch #24: Tom Powell - oink oink - extends contract until end of 2024 - 4th in AFL best 1st yr player

    ...I'm hoping last year's draft haul will be our version of the super draft Geelong had that set them up for a decade (or two). Top up with this year's draft including pick #1, and front load everyone's contracts. When we start challenging for finals is the time to use the war chest for free...
  9. Cripps 'n' Blue Bloods

    Rumour Blues coaching search debacle (down to their 4th or 5th choice)

    What's the debacle? Identified Teague and a few assistants as performing below expectations, so they have been sacked. Clarko is obviously target #1, as he would be for most clubs, his record speaks for itself and he's coming straight out of another coaching gig, so he gets the gig straight up...
  10. King Corey

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    Possible mate, I wasn't commenting on whether we should or shouldn't. I've seen all of 20 seconds of the alternatives. Only that if after much consideration the club are open to trading pick #1, the minimum asking price would be around a top 5 pick, future 1st round + a very good younger player.
  11. Saveloy Rockstar

    Post here if your team traded pick 2

    Still banging the Degoey drum after the case was withdrawn :$ Exactly. Twomey and Doerre both have him at #1, TIS have him at #2 I haven't seen anybody but you rank him at 3
  12. C

    Sydney Swans Game Style Thread + Video Analysis

    ...could only get it to half way and then there was nothing else ahead to go to enabling the oppo to just roll back. Pegging off the back of change #1, now that we have all our fwds in the F50 we can now appy huge pressure if we don't get it and all they can do is panic kick it back out where...
  13. O

    Fages and the coaching group

    I believe the year after McCluggage draft not too bad. In 2017 draft Cam at #1, Bailey and Starc late first round picks and Payne shows potential just needs to overcome injuries, and was a late 3rd round, in the 50's?
  14. Zidane98

    EPL Matchday 4 - On Optus Sport

    For a keeper they need to just play. Obviously they see him as #1, I would expect he starts from now on. Its not a good thing if you don't have a clear #1 keeper either IMO.
  15. muttley45

    Opinion North Board-Media & Entertainment

    I usually wait for all ep's to be available before viewing, but i have been waiting for Vigil for a while, and watched episode #1, looks top notch as expected, plenty of familiar faces too, Steve Arnott from Line of duty, Stannis Baratheon and Ygritte from Game of Thrones, the main lead actress...
  16. Rockstar6

    Prediction Best 22 in 2022

    ...Tarrant, McDonald C: Stephenson, Davies-Uniacke, Powell HF: Thomas, Comben, Anderson F: Zurhaar, Larkey, Ford FOLL: Goldstein, Cunnington, Simpkin (vc) INT: Corr, Horne-Francis/pick #1, Mahony, Taylor MED SUB: Phillips EMERG: Scott, Bosenavulagi, Bonar, Spicer, Perez (mainly due to knee...
  17. Ochre

    MVP BigFooty West Coast Eagles Player of the Year 2021 - Results Thread - Congratulations Nic Naitanui

    It should be Nic #1, and then a 36 way tie for #37. Did you not watch us this year?
  18. G

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency talk Pt 3

    We don't have: anyone in the Top 30 for centre clearances and Adams ranks #1, any midfielders ranked in the Top50 per game for contested possessions per game and Adams ranks #6 His terrible kicking will suit our Choas game plan perfectly ha
  19. PhatBoy

    Autopsy AFL 2021 Finals Week 1 - QF2 Port v Cats Fri August 27th 7:20pm CST/7:50pm EST (AO)

    ...just advised two of the best contested ball winners in the history of the statistic to ‘play the ball and try and win it.’ Dangerfield himself has the #1, #7 and #10 ranked seasons of all time for contested ball. Pretty sure he’s keeping up that side of the bargain. At least think before you...
  20. Eggs11

    Preview 2021 AFL National Draft | NM - #1, #20, #38, #69, #74, #92, #110

    ...will give him something to prove and put a fire in his belly to prove he’s the best. 4. Who knows, maybe Daicos might struggle to perform with the pressure of being #1, especially after the intense trade gymnastics required to secure him. Well good. Edit: 5. And, of course, make the...