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  1. Dannyreed

    NCAA 2019 - NCAA - Week 1

    ...had a full refurbishment with new head coach, whole new defensive staff and only 4 returning starters on offense. I think they are a smoky to be #1, Justin Fields looks like he's going to be a star, J.K Dobbins will be the feature back and even though a lot of the same players are there it's...
  2. D

    Preview Round 23, 2019: West Coast Eagles v Hawthorn, 24 August 2019, 8.10pm @ Perth Stadium

    ...buyers; 2) No outside interest in Ceglar, or Frawley considering retirement, so let’s look at our options down back; 3) let’s do something really new and interesting in the ruck and have three on the ground, one in each zone. At this stage I am voting for #1, as McEvoy is too slow as a defender.
  3. deaneus

    News Suns to ask for No. 1 pick

    ...we would never have swapped) in the entire time we've been in the AFL, 28 or so years. In the Suns' very first draft in 2010, you picked up #1, David Swallow #2, Harley Bennell #3, Sam Day #7, Josh Caddy #9, Dion Prestia So please cry us a river that we're trying to look after a resource...
  4. Zach Package

    List Mgmt. Talk about the makeup of our list (and overall list management)

    ...including the ruck and giving an honest contest. I would be satisfied if we entered next year with Bellchambers and Draper battling for #1, someone like Clarke as the designated 3rd banana (I’m willing to explore options, I suspect we could get an upgrade on him for next to nothing) and...
  5. Damon_3388

    What unpopular AFL opinions do you have? - Part 2

    That's great, but why make it more difficult than you have to? Why not just make the most of the #1 pick? Again, why pick a small outside type at #1, especially when you've already got plenty? You can't tell me that their prospects right now and outlook going forward wouldn't look infinitely...
  6. Twoslabs

    Conspiracy Theory Soaked in Bleach - The Murder of Kurt Cobain

    Hi Courtney, I'll bite, what's this so called number one record? If you're referring to "Teenage Whore" it was a UK indie #1, so hardly "star" material. Crass have had five and even the Anti-Nowhere League had three UK indie chart toppers, Bleach actually sold 40,000 copies in the few months...
  7. Tayl0r

    2019 Young Talent Time

    I'm curious how the other years have structured up for the U18s AA team. Pick #1, pick #1 (2009), 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, second round picks then a sprinkling of rookie picks.
  8. Schnitzengruben

    Coach Senior Coach: John Worsfold

    I agree he did a good job in 2016 and 2017, but since then we've gone backwards even with recruiting 4x A graders, multiple top 10 picks including #1, and a core of great experienced players coming back from their bans. We managed to botch two consecutive starts to our 2018/2019 campaigns. You...
  9. OneEyedHawk

    Round 21 Trades

    ...D/M rookie gives me better cover, can then swing the rookie with Answerth, and complement the Hill / Langlands M/F pair. Obviously leaves me zero trades though. Probably leaning towards #1, but wish I had the stones for #2. Any input much appreciated. On iPhone using mobile app
  10. Dr Tigris

    Preview 2019 Round 21 - Richmond vs Carlton, Sunday 11th of August @ MCG, 3:20pm

    ...athletic. But Nank is a tank, and a skilled and smart one at that. Nank will crush most second rucks in taps, and teams will find him very hard to match up on around the ground. So long as Toby can adapt to play to his strengths and accept not being #1, I reckon he could be a genuine match...
  11. HARKER

    Bluemour Discussion Thread XVII - Coniglio means Rabbit in Italian!

    It was really no fiasco at all. SOS held his ground and didn't relinquish pick #1, even if a little something may have come back our way. In the end he forced a reluctant Dodoro to part with 2 first rounders. This was not a complete failure :)
  12. Orasia Fantazio

    Review 2017 - Revisit the 2017 AFL draft

    Not sure how anyone can not have Naughton minimum #2 from this draft. I have him #1, obviously Kelly the better player right now but Naughton is doing things I haven’t seen a 19 yr old Key Forward do before. Dogs got a steal
  13. Engimal v3

    North’s greatest players night. Boomer picked ahead of Blight...embarrassing and disgraceful

    Also, Stevens above Cable is questionable. Some would have Cable as #1, I'm sure. Boomer is rightfully in there. In a weird way, him being the VFL/AFL games record holder detracts from his status as a player, because people write him off as just "playing for a long time". He was a top player in...
  14. Vdubs

    Autopsy Geelong outworked and outplayed to tune of 34 points by Freo

    ...the season is already over. Why not just focus on NM? If we go WLWLWL as we have been, we will beat NM, lose to Lions, beat Carlton, lose final 1, win final 2... Who knows? Our talent is no better than Port, and they are equally up and down, possibly more so. Plenty of teams are erratic. We...
  15. Schulzenfest

    Review Port v essendon review thread

    Yep, not one. Well, if you don't count Brodie Grundy. And Todd Goldstein. And Jarrod Witts. Aaaaaaand Stefan Martin. But aside from then, not a single one. In any event, nobody's suggesting that he should play every game next year. Lycett #1, Ladhams and Hayes rotating support duties.
  16. Saveloy Rockstar

    Collingwood and Richmond - who has the greater supporter base

    Got some numbers to show that have you? Here's the YTD home games against Vic teams for both teams: You clowns have played the #1, 3, 8, 9 and 14th drawing teams We have played the #2, 8, 12, 13, 14 and 17th drawing teams And yet you're only 440 a game ahead? LOL. Where are your 100k members?
  17. Cam1870

    Universal Love Keith Thomas

    I honestly dont know what more he could have said .... But having said that, until there is clear decisive action (sack ken, 1 captain wears #1, grow some balls about the PB guernsey) it counts for nothing. Will always attend port adelaide games. Undecided how many ill attend next year if we're...
  18. Enviable Tradition

    Universal Love Keith Thomas

    ...traditions are enshrined in the constitution and can only be changed by a 80% vote of the members. This should include 1 captain wearing the #1, the Creed, existing to win premierships and fighting for the prison bars no matter what. P.s. come out in support of #bringbackthebars you...
  19. A


    if he kicked straight I'd have him #1, instead of top #4.
  20. Damon_3388


    ...and superstars, and more "worthy" of a #1 pick long-term than McGrath right now. I mean, do you really pick a 5'10" back flanker/outside mid at #1, especially when you're Essendon who've been crying out for big-bodied, well-rounded, elite midfielders for years? It's either a cocky, arrogant...
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