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  1. K

    Play Nice The 2021 Soccer Broadcast Rights Thread

    $300mil would get you to #1, its a self serving headline but yes its the substance of the story.
  2. k31th

    Certified Legendary Thread Richmond GIFs

    ...intercept #1 - Houli intercept #1 - Vlastuin intercept #3 - Houli intercept #2 - Baker intercept #1 - Vlastuin intercept #4 - Grimes intercept #1, great mark this one. - Chol intercept mark #1 - Broad intercept #2 - Vlastuin intercept #5 - Balta intercept #1 - Grimes intercept #2 - Grimes...
  3. k31th

    Certified Legendary Thread Richmond GIFs

    Chol intercept mark #1, gives to Balta, kick to Castagna, Sheed tackled, Nelson tackled, Aarts to Lambert to Bolton to Aarts snap goal
  4. pepsi

    Who is the true goat in Tennis ?

    ...I think. When Sampras got to 14 grand slams were, people saying he was the GOAT? Not many were. I think it comes down to a combination of slam titles, record across the 4 slams, weeks at #1, matters titles, record against your main rivals. Claims could be made for all three of them, plus Laver.
  5. Tas

    Oppo Camp The Non-North Footy Discussion & Matchday Chat Thread (NNFD&MCT) VI

    I don't mind TT as he was in our academy. Horne is the favourite to go #1, he is playing SANFL, he doesn't need to spend a week at Port Adelaide. It isn't going to help him get drafted, he didn't need any help. Perhaps I am over-sensitive after Swans pinched Blakey from us. I think there is...
  6. Kangas_11

    Preview 2021 AFL National Draft

    ...pass on matching the bid and just walk away with the other elite talent in Horne. Now their first picks are late in the 2nd round, there's no way they pass on Daicos, even if the bid is at pick #1. Hence why I think we should bid on Daicos with #1, anything otherwise is just benefiting the Pies.
  7. GremioPower

    Media On the unfairness of the "beez"

    ...per club). As it is, someone voted unanimously, but always as #20, would finish below someone voted twice as #5. It is better being voted once as #1, then 39 times at #20. Those are examples of things that should not happen. They are not, at least, I believe they are not in the spirit of the...
  8. giantroo

    News Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread III

    ...2.2 million teenagers (aged) 16-17 have already received 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine, and over 3 million kids 12-15 years old have received dose #1," said coauthor Dr. Judy Guzman-Cottrill of Oregon Health & Science University. "These are huge, very reassuring denominators." COVID-19 itself...
  9. FLVanLandingham

    Review Round 12, 2021 - Melbourne vs. Brisbane Lions

    we have our brownlow medalist back! woohoo!! Hippy looked to have nearly an amazing game, woohoo! They are #1, and showed it. We showed we need the bye, we need a good kick up the backside, and we need some fire by our mids. some players had probably their worst or 2nd worst match of the...
  10. Ticky009

    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals

    ...rolling Draft Team. Mickey O's nephew on track for being selected by the Crows via their NGA. SA prospect Jason Horne tipped by many to go at #1, which means Crows are going to either have to tank hard or pray that Norf & Hawks let him slip past. Josh Gibcus is a tall defender but he's...
  11. Godzke

    List Mgmt. Draft Watch 2021

    Adrian Dodoro: We felt P.Ass presented a real compelling opportunity for us to contemplate our inside midfield stocks, could've gone pick #1, glad he slid to us
  12. jd2010

    Bigfooty Yid Army Thread

    Interesting results. Pau Lopez wasnt good enough to be our #2 and isn't good enough to be Roma's #1, Doherty we've all agreed has been garbage, Pepe lol
  13. Dogs_R_Us


    I’ve had AZ #1, brief headache, shivers for a while, fatigue the next day.
  14. K

    The AFL's quest for equalisation, your thoughts ?

    Agree on most of your points bar your suggestion the kids dont develop quickly enough ... few players are up to it day #1, but the media make out they will be, & the its part of the narrative. Some guys take longer to develop, we expect it from bigger guys. We know of the Tim Kellys, Marlon...
  15. Jen2310

    List Mgmt. Nick Daicos

    Dib is #1, Daicos is #3
  16. B

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    ...4 spots need to be filled for R1 2022 4th interchange spot would a bonar/young type for mine, for some defensive cover. Assuming we have pick #1, Horne has shown he is more the. Capable as a forward so we could slot him there. CHF is the main key (obviously) need someone who can offer ruck...
  17. Crankitup

    NWO/Illuminati US politics

    Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America I have just learned, through leaks in the mainstream media, that after being under investigation from the time I came down the escalator 5 ½ years ago, including the fake Russia Russia Russia Hoax, the 2 year, $48M, No...
  18. Vader

    Play Nice Politics # 4 - The madness continues here.....

    ...months (while unvaccinated), followed by a 0 risk of dying from blood clots after getting Pfizer. You tell me which is the lower risk option - and explain to me why any sane person would choose option #1, without a pressing short-term need for vaccination (e.g. mistylake travelling to...
  19. PezzDogg95

    List Mgmt. 2021 Mid-Season Draft

    ...With de Koning and Pittonet we should have the primary ruck position covered every week, the MSD selection can be the break glass 3rd option for #1, but should be more an option for the kpf/ruck position, which will likely be vacated this offseason. TdK and Pitto struggled in the same side...
  20. Taylor

    Women's Footy AFLW Fremantle - 2021 Season - FINISHED BUSINESS - We will be back stronger.

    Adelaide will want to make the most of their advantage before Port show up, they currently get to pick #1, #2, #3 and #4 in their state every season.