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  • Yeah. Almost traded him out to O'Keefe last week but with limited trades and no donuts my natural conservatism won over. Although with three forward Hawks I'll have to go without an emergency again this week.

    Okay ranking but nothing special.
    Sorry mate, I forgot to reply to your VM that you sent ages ago. I totally forgot about it because Merv deleted it.

    You know how you said to make an alias account? That is one of the main reasons I got a long ban in the first place.
    If you make another account while you are banned, you can get perminatly banned so yeah I didnt make another account :)
    Hi, ahhh he really stood out during his first pre-season training last December and this January. His ability to crumb the ball of packs is instinctual, he loves to snap goals, he is a bit of a live wire, quite small but agile.

    I would liken him to a Matthew Bode sort of player. His first game this year was a little shaky, but he showed signs of something special, but for some reason had trouble keeping his feet on a number of occasions.

    I like him and with another solid pre-season under his belt, hopefully where he can baulk up and improve perhaps is defensive pressure I'm sure he will get a good handful of games next year :)
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