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  • BTW mate, Ritzy got his last red because of an incident on the WCE board.

    As I remember, it was to do with him speaking out there after that match against the Eagles, about the way Josh Green was shirtfronted in the last minute of the final term with no free given.

    ****ing stoners :(
    Welcome back to the Bay mate. Nice to see you around there again!

    Great win over the Dogs. Didn't get to see it at the time, but had a strong frisson of excitement when I found out :)

    Wish Ritzy still had his original id. I know he'd be loving the way this went.

    I'll be downloading the match from Bigpond so I can have a chance to watch it, especially the final term when the Roys chant went up. Pure magic that.
    hey mate

    You want to stick around at the Gumbies next season?

    You started last season greatly in terms of form and posting but unfortunately due to all of a sudden dissapearing in terms of posting i had to drop you.

    We currently need atleast 1 more player to get our minimum of 20 players.

    If your interested then post here...


    Geelong Gumbies Captain
    Hi Mate,

    BACCS was telling me you were looking for some DTers for next years comp... I averaged 2,289 last year and come runners up barely to a bloke who was 290 something overall.
    That's the spirit :thumbsu:

    Hopefully you roll over those scummy bastards.

    Any potential for more Watts' ****ups vids in '11?
    Get pissed and post (footy) lulz, the place just isn't the same without you, man! :(
    Cheeky bugger :p

    Yeah, I was particularly interested in the thread on the Brisbane board from LoTR about trying to get your club administration to set up a video link to your AGM for Victorian members, with a 2-way camera/sound setup.

    Damn good idea, and disappointing to see that the Lions admin haven't done the right thing on that issue yet...
    Noticed you were intrigued by that Brisbane Strikers goss mate!

    Yeah, back in the NSL's last year, I wrote a dossier about it with inside help & sent it to the Federation. That was a big factor in the rejection of the Strikers' A-League bid.

    The catalogue of offences included constant crowd fiddling, total subversion of club decision-making (lots of bogus board meetings with only 2 people), most key officials chosen because they were friends/relatives of Clem Jones, security taking noisemakers off little kids, refusal to engage with the media (they didn't even bother with press releases in the last 2 NSL seasons), & rejecting a big sponsorship from Parmalat because the company wanted cash spent on advertising & PR :eek:

    Before Clem took full control, it was a successful club with growing support. As I said, in 1996/7, we averaged 8,000. And set a record that year for the largest NSL GF crowd.

    But as history shows, everything Clem's ever been involved in, he's turned to shite!
    Damn, you were right mate! That glorious vision of Caro's death ended up being killed. Ironic, when you think about it... ;)

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