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  • Hahahahahaha lol stupid bitch.
    Did you slap her?

    Yeah thats alright I guess :p

    Oh you dont know it? Its pretty old.. but I love 80's music.

    Its called Baracuda (thats how you spell it[pretty sure]) and its by heart...

    Sooo good ;D
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA awww you got nothing. I would of soooo given you something lol.
    I just tried my ever piece of krispy kream donut yesterday and like fainted OMG.
    Atleats they sell them in Melbourne.. :o

    Sounds like a pretty good/full on weekend. International rules game was pretty bad, too bad we lost lol.

    I hope he gets me one too!! There soooooo good. I am now in love with the song baracutta (or something) coz I payed it on gutair hero (on wii [yes my friend has it and im jealous :p]).. im actually listening to it now :thumbsu:

    You like that song?
    I so miss talking to you! You are a legend ;D

    Yes I am exelent thankyou.
    What happened on the weekend that has made you so happy!?

    OMG bad news, im not getting a WII because mums getting me a HUGE tv for my room (I have an alright one now.. but I want a plasma) and shes also getting me awesome box sets; like the legendary series of goosebumps and are you afraid of the dark!! :D

    My mum is a wine rep for a company though, and I work really hard to help her make table talkers and stuff and the wine maker said he will buy me a b-day present.. and hes full on money so who knows! He might get me one! :D

    DAMB! He doesnt like me.. lollies.

    Well.. im off to take my dog for a walk.. haha.

    You like . . . dogs?

    HEYYY!! Noooo you mentioned them.. huh im confused LOL!

    Ahhhh I know.. my friend talks to him in art and apparently he talks heaps when you get to know him.

    Ahhhhhh gay. Its soooo good.. you should get it.

    Night night.. im off to read it!! :D
    Coz you asked me lol.

    YESSSS im soo happy. But he's sooo shy.. we hardely had a convo LOL!

    HEY! Have you read the draft by Emma Quale?
    Hahahah. 2009 should be slightly better then 2008 (in the sense that when we finish last again we will get Pick 1 and 2 instead of just pick 1 :D)
    Yeah well. He said sorry and looked cute towards me in Round 20. I already have his number... but its half the size i wear now, almost :D
    You mean re-signed? We had huge dramas when some dude posted up 'Ryan resigns'. Lot of wtf's.

    I was more of a Falcons girl, but whatevs. I support Jimmy more-ly :D

    He iz mine. I watched him progress from Falcons to Cats AND my auntie met him once.



    Its an awesome board! Personal, you know everyone, everyone knows you.

    Yeah, but the rest of the 24 weeks was basically an "I want to bash Shannon Byrnes because there is nothing else to bash" kind of situation.
    Geelong Board is boring. Nothing to complain or be ecstatic about.. 23/25 does that :p

    I love Sydney more, our board is great, so I just linger on the Geelong board.

    Paypal is a bitch to set up though!
    Hmmmmmmm i like some of there songs.. not all though :S

    Hahahahha.. well I think im gonna talk to him 2moz because he loves soccer and im going to pretend to like soccer (I do.. lol but I wanna seem obsessed like him :D:D)
    Maybe in your world.

    Well im in love with this guy and i like alllwaayyys find it hard to talk to guys when I like them so i talked to his Best friend and now he thinks I like him and yeah that is soooo freeking funny LOL!
    Sorry mate but I dont think I like the red hot chillie peppers.

    Did they sing that song a road to ruin or something AHHH most annoying song!!!
    Yeah, I've spammed much more. That was nothing... went on a spamathon yesterday. Look at the Sydney board mod's profile. Spammed.

    Subscribing next year because I don't have f'n paypal.
    He's on mine all the time, so maybe it makes up a tinyyy bit for you totally ditching him.

    I spammed your fb with comments.. bored :D
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