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    Pies v Blues available?
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    Prediction Changes vs Tiges

    We played atrocious footy, and only lost by 7 points. Not nearly the worst performance on the weekend. If we blow out a few cobwebs we'll go alright against the Tigers without Rance
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    Player Watch Mark Keane

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    Oppo Camp Atu Bosenavulagi (Traded to Nth Melb. 2020)

    Looks the goods! Quick, skilled, strong, powerful
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    Preview Changes for Preliminary Final v Richmond. Friday night at MCG

    In: Moore, Reid Out: Aish, Greenwood or Mayne
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    Preview Finals Start Next Week for Us

    There's a good chance we will win our last two's hoping
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    Game Day AFL Round 19 - Matchday Discussion Collingwood@Richmond(MCG – 1:45PM)

    where are you going to find a replay?
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    Player Watch Brayden Sier (Delisted 2021)

    Did not see the game, how did the kid go? Saw a couple of long bombs into 50 on the highlights
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    2018 - Best 22

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    Player Watch Flynn Appleby (Delisted 2020)

    I prefer Sir Humphrey
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    Game Day 2017 National Draft

    Why pass?? I don't get it
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    AFL 2017 - R23 - Collingwood v Melbourne 13:45 AEST MCG

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    AFL 2017 - R23 - Collingwood v Melbourne 13:45 AEST MCG

    Why a bridge exactly?
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    Strangest place you have seen someone wearing an AFL jumper

    Probably posted already...