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Oct 1, 2016 at 9:18 PM
Oct 27, 2007
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Moderator, Male, from Perth

swannies was last seen:
Viewing forum West Coast Eagles, Oct 1, 2016 at 9:18 PM
    1. Bipolarbear
      Haha, you're right, the look on Lukaku's face when he saw that Roberto was named as his national coach, GOLD.
      I hope Martinez does well, I always appreciated his philosophy.
      However, if you're a mid-table club, you have to defend as well as attack, or you will never beat good clubs, let alone bad ones (Sunderland game, last round) VOMIT.
    2. smashbox gill
      smashbox gill
      hey mate,

      just wondering if you can give me a bit of a breakdown on boekhorst. ive been told your the person to ask.
      Whats his strengths and weaknesses? Do you think he will make it at the next level? etc
      Thanks in advance
    3. gus3232
      Hi. Any idea why my post about Swift was removed?

    4. swannies
      Going alright Mop. Working till 1am has knobs on it though. :) You feeling better?
    5. Mop
      How are you my good man?
    6. swannies
      Nah, I didn't Bondy because I've got my junior club, Noranda, wind up today and will only get to the league GF. I did want to get to colts but the junior club duties prevent me from doing that.
    7. BOND 007
      BOND 007
      Hey Swannies - did you get to the colts GF? If you did what were thoughts
    8. swannies
      My wife never goes near Swans games, except the GF last year. They were the team she hated when she was younger. :O Plus, being a true Swan Districts fan, I don't dress up to the nines. :)
    9. WCEforeverman
      Haha OK.

      I saw a guy with his wife and young son and he was all dressed up to the nines in swannies gear. His missus was wearing a SD cap also.
    10. swannies
      Nah, my wife and mother in law went today! I'm just watching it now. Block 127 is my block.
    11. WCEforeverman
      Was that you I saw enjoying a Crunchie in block 134 today?
    12. peterss
      Mate, can i confirm that we have resigned you at the gumbies till atleast the season's end? Im a bit short for numbers at present so having you back just in like a bench role or something would be handy, i understand that your a mod and may not get time to post much, and thats fine, just aslong as you make an effort and pop in everynow and then in a match thread.

      Send me a visitor message to my profile to let me know if your happy to recommit to the Gumbies until season's end or not.
    13. swannies
      If you want to use just as a sub or something, I'm happy. Don't want anyone get their knickers in a twist that I don't contribute as much but get a game. I'm pretty flat out at the moment and couldn't guarantee I'd post as much as last season.
    14. peterss
      Hey mate..

      Want to stick around at the Gumbies for another season? If you do then head over to the SFA forum and post in our off-season thread.

      Id like to have you around the club again if your keen

    15. grizzlym
      Ah, that'll come. You always remember your first card.
    16. grizzlym
      How are you finding the full modding gig? enjoying it?
    17. edie finneran
      edie finneran
      Not a royals supporter, not by a long shot.

      I'm a Subi man with an allegiance of sorts with East Freo
    18. edie finneran
      edie finneran
      How familiar with the usual suspects are you?

      The RDT might give you a clue;)
    19. edie finneran
      edie finneran
      Congrats on the promotion - that navy blue and black combo looks very royal on you.

      I'm sure you'll do a better job than that Keyser clown
    20. peterss
      Hey mate..

      Want to stick around at the Gumbies for another season? If you do then head over to the SFA forum and post in our off-season thread.

      Id like to have you around the club again if your keen :)

    21. Mattman93
      Will do, cheers.
    22. swannies
      Mattman, give Claremont footy club a call and see if they have it. They'd be your best chance.
    23. Mattman93
      Yo Swannies, do you if there's any way of downloading/watching online the wafl colts GF of last year between Peel and Claremont? I know it was filmed because there's highlights of certain players from it, but I suspect that's as far as the footage was used for. Just asking you on the off chance you might know. Cheers.
    24. swannies
      Yep, was telling my son in the last 2 minutes, don't stress (I was having a coronary, he was crying) Krak won't let us lose this game. Thanks foreverman!

      Kram, bloody awesome and brilliant back at the club, just being able to touch that cup and flag! Wow!
    25. Kram
      How awesome was that :D:thumbsu:
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