1. acm21

    UTAS Stadium Upgrade

    Launceston Council has revealed plans to upgrade UTAS Stadium (with an additional 7500 seats) and the building of a indoor sports centre\arena of 5000 that would be able to host multiple sports including basketball. https://www.austadiums.com/news/908/major-upgrade-proposed-for-utas-stadium...
  2. The 4 flag group

    The 4 flag group

  3. L

    Footy Banners

    I am currently working on a book that is looking at Footy Banners over the years. There are some amazing photos and stories since when they were first introduced in the VFL in the late 1930s to what they are today. There are a couple of banners of interest that I would love some help in getting...
  4. foschini

    Allan Jeans' Pay the Price speech

    I recorded a whole lot of 1989 Grand Final players for my book '1989 The Great Grand Final'. This is a lot of Hawthorn players talking about Jeans' Pay the Price speech - Dipper, Dermott, Langford, Wittman, Ayres, Anderson. Here's the link to podcast episode. OR magic link to your podcast...
  5. Ant Bear

    e-AFL e-AFL Round 8 North Melbourne v Hawthorn Marvel Stadium Friday 24/4/20 7.30pm

    VS Welcome to this Round 8 clash of BigFooty's own, inaugural 2020 e-AFL season. North Melbourne (13th, 3-4, 86.89%) vs Hawthorn (3rd, 5-2, 104.10%) Friday 24th April 7.30pm EST Bouncing back from a 100+ point thrashing from Fremantle in Round 6 was never going to be easy, and North found...
  6. Oh boy wowee

    Oh boy wowee

    Patton, up and about.
  7. dawsonhe

    Gold Logo Premiers Guernseys Wanted Will Pay $$$

    I am looking to purchase a variety of Gold Logo Guernsey's. I would only want it brand new, preferably with the tags. If you have one and are willing to sell please let me know how much. The ones I am looking for are: Geelong 2007 Premiers Hawthorn 2008 Premiers Geelong 2009 Premiers...
  8. The future home of the hawthorn football club

    The future home of the hawthorn football club

  9. Kennedy Center

    Kennedy Center

  10. Jess Solero

    Seriously, Croad & Jesaulenko?

    Is this a set up? Imagine the genes, imagine the looks of this offspring! Not sure if it’s true, I have people who know Trent and have heard they are going strong but can anyone confirm? I couldn’t stand him being with that girl from Neighbors, I have heard she is a little crazy but know...
  11. LostTP

    AFL themed Wooden Spoons Mobile Game

    Give it a shot and send to some Blues friends Wooden Spoons by LostTP posted Sep 2, 2018 at 10:38 AM https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zamaxt.woodenspoons IOS Link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wooden-spoons/id1434566285?platform=iphone&preserveScrollPosition=true#platform/iphone
  12. Dixie Flatline

    Game Day Round 22, 2018: St Kilda v Hawthorn

    Keep it up Hawks.
  13. crazywildhorse

    The Race for 9th 2018. The greatest achievement of the season

    In a year of genuine mediocrity, the race for the most mediocre spot on the ladder is wide open. Any one of Geelong, Hawthorn, GWS, Melbourne, Norf or Adelaide are a solid chance of picking it up. In fact, Essendon are a sneaky to add to that list. Geelong have been underwhelming till now...
  14. Brairies

    Help finding footy

    Hey guys I've been trying to find a footy card and the afl subreddit suggested posting it here, sorry if I'm under the wrong section. Hey all, I'm new to Australia and my uncle and aunt have let me move in while I get on my feet. His birthday is coming up and I really want to get him the final...
  15. CaptainHowdy87

    Any sports bars or pubs you go to that don't serve food during the day?

    TL;DR version - 2 sports bars I went to today said they don't serve food until 5:30 PM. Has anyone else ever encountered this anywhere? Long rant version - I probably go out once a weekend to watch the footy with my Dad at a sports bar or a pub near where I live. Today we had to drop someone in...
  16. TheDoctor11

    Discussion Footy Jumpers Buy Swap Sell – new rules in OP

    If you're looking to offload jumpers or swap them for that jumper you've always wanted, post all sale/swapping related issues in this thread! Rules (as of February 2018): BigFooty, the Footy Jumpers & Graphic Design board and its moderators are not responsible for any transactions made/moneys...
  17. JimJamzzz

    Portfolio HD Wallpapers 2018

    Some wallpapers for people i've been doing in my spare time the last day or two. Will get around to doing all clubs in the next week or two also open to resolution suggestions/feedback etc. Enjoy
  18. Kdogawakens

    Opinion Another Holt from the Blue

    Hi all, Tim's 2018 predictions seemed to get a pretty good response, so here's his ode to Cyril: https://tholtsports.blog/2018/01/12/cyril-rioli-is-he-the-most-important-player-for-hawthorn-in-2018/ Again, let me know your thoughts. :-)
  19. Kdogawakens

    Opinion Tim Holt Article

    Hi guys, A hawks fan, big hawks fan, writes a semi-regular blog. These are his 2018 predictions: https://tholtsports.blog/2018/01/04/8-predictions-for-hawthorn-in-2018/ Thought it might be an interesting read, if you haven't come across it before.
  20. Kdogawakens

    Hi all, Hawks fan new to Big Footy

    I'm just today opening an account on Big Footy. Haven't really done anything like this before. I'm a big Hawks fan, though I'm from Newcastle, and an equally enormous knights fan (NRL, to end any confusion). Hoping to hear some interesting ideas about the AFL. Came along to see what others...