1. J

    sydney membership price history

    wondering if anyone has swans membership price history, like the application forms, over the past 5-10 years? Much appreciated if it could be sourced. trying to do a Year 12 project
  2. ArielZ

    Rumour Dan Hannebery to Victoria

    Dan Hannebery will be moving to a Victorian club at the end of this season. A relative of mine set up a meeting with a Sydney businessman who is looking for investors into his new company. During the conversation, the man expressed that his daughter is dating Swans star Dan Hannebery, and that...
  3. CM9000

    Unofficial Preview Sydney Vs West Coast Banter Thread

    Hello Sydney fans, Usually I'd start a banter thread on our board, but since it's your home game, I think it's only fair that we do it here. To start things off: JK has been better then Franklin since the start of 2015. Lance's 2017 Coleman was the most undeserved in league history.
  4. TheDoctor11

    Discussion Footy Jumpers Buy Swap Sell – new rules in OP

    If you're looking to offload jumpers or swap them for that jumper you've always wanted, post all sale/swapping related issues in this thread! Rules (as of February 2018): BigFooty, the Footy Jumpers & Graphic Design board and its moderators are not responsible for any transactions made/moneys...
  5. JimJamzzz

    Portfolio HD Wallpapers 2018

    Some wallpapers for people i've been doing in my spare time the last day or two. Will get around to doing all clubs in the next week or two also open to resolution suggestions/feedback etc. Enjoy
  6. scaryness

    Toast Bob Skilton Medal 2017 - Luke Parker

    EDIT Our top 10: 1. Luke Parker 696 2. Lance Franklin & Jake Lloyd 650 4. Josh Kennedy 580 5. George Hewett 571 6. Heath Grundy 569 7. Tom Papley 556 8. Dan Hannebery 546 9. Zak Jones 543 10. Isaac Heeney 518 ---------------------------------- Bob Skilton Medal is on this Friday, October 6th...
  7. Franklin Joins Top Goal Kickers

    Franklin Joins Top Goal Kickers

  8. discotobo

    Expansion Rename the ridiculous Battle Of The Bridge

    Can't we get a better name than the ridiculous Battle Of The Bridge?
  9. PerthBoy86

    How much would a GWS Dynasty actually do for the franchise and football in Western Sydney?

    If, as some are predicting (seriously or not), GWS does begin a 'dynasty' in the next few years, how much of a flow-on affect would it have for Aussie rules football and AFL in Western Sydney (or Sydney as a whole), and how much would the supporter base of the club swell, if new members started...
  10. ljamest36

    Top 5 best grand final performances for no Norm Smith

    5. Micheal Voss (2002) -Buckley deserved his medal, but they could have awarded it to Micheal Voss. Basically if I was watching it in 2002 I would have been content with Voss winning, but I also would have been content with Buckley winning, so this decision doesn't bother me Voss just played a...
  11. Chief

    Sydney v Essendon - Rd 7, 2016

    Sydney v Essendon Form 3rd Ladder Position 17th 5 Wins 1 1 Losses 5 144.0 % 62.0 645 Points For 363 448 Points Against 586 WWLWW Form WLLLL Stats 390 Disposals 399 40 Clearances 34 65 Inside 50 46 167 Contested Possessions 130 76 Tackles 66 43 Hit-Outs 34 22 Free Kicks 20