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Now that trades are done attention switches to the draft and with 5 weeks until it happens there is only so much chatter about #lolbrowne and Monte Carlo biscuits that can discussed to fill the void.

With that in mind I'm setting up an unofficial Phantom Draft for those who want to see what won't happen on draft night, because let's face we have as much clue about the draft as #lolbrowne has about footy in general.

Draft will begin no earlier than 9am Saturday 27th October. Posters will have 24 hours to make their pick or they will get next rated player using AFL Draft Central power rankings issued to them. Picks will be as they stand at 5pm next Friday as clubs are able to still trade picks.

Adelaide - TigerSE
Brisbane - wrennyboy
Carlton - Michaels prodigy _Cayz_
Fremantle - YeOldTiger
Geelong - THE_GUN
Gold Coast - CraZdotcom
GWS - Tiger_Of_Old
Melbourne - Stevi_Tigers
Ninth Melbourne - Conca Cuddle
Port - 4tune8
Richmond - _RT_
St. Kilda - A Tiger 4 lyf
Sydney - HumanMeatball
West Coast - Wacky Tiger
Western Bulldogs - Grockadoc

First in best dressed for every one else.

Round 1
1. Carlton - Jack Lukosius 194cm 85kg KPP
2. Gold Coast - Sam Walsh 183cm 74kg Midfielder
3. Gold Coast - Bailey Smith 186cm 82kg Midfielder
4. Saints - Max King 202cm 86kg KPF
5. Port - Izak Rankine 180cm 76kg General Forward
6. Sydney - Nick Blakey 195cm 80kg KPF - Matched Bid From Gold Coast
7. Gold Coast - Jackson Hately 190cm 81kg Midfielder
8. Western Bulldogs - Connor Rozee 185cm 72kg General forward/outside midfield
9. Adelaide - Ben King 202cms 85kgs KPP
10. GWS - Xavier Duursma 185cm 71kg Hybrid midfielder
11. Port - Jordan Clark 182cm, 78kg General Defender
12. GWS - Liam Stocker 183cm, 83kg Inside midfield
13. North Melbourne - Tarryn Thomas 189cm 73kg Midfielder - Matched Bid From Geelong
14. Collingwood - Issac Quaynor 179cm 82kg General Defender - Matched Bid From Geelong
15. Western Bulldogs - Rhylee West 180cm 81kg Inside Midfielder - Matched Bid From Geelong
16. Geelong - Jye Caldwell 184cm 78kg Midfielder
17. Adelaide - Ian Hill 175cm 76kg Small Forward/Outside Midfielder
18. Fremantle - Riley Collier-Dawkins 193cm 88kg Inside Midfielder
19. Port - Chayce Jones 180cm, 74kg Outside Midfielder
20. Adelaide - Luke Valente 186cm 80kg Inside midfield
21. Richmond - Xavier O'Halloran 187cm 83kg Inside midfielder
22. Brisbane - Curtis Taylor 186cm 79kg Midfielder/Forward
23. GWS - Bailey Williams 198cm 95kg Ruck
24. West Coast - Zak Butters 181cm 70kg Outside Midfielder

Round 2
25. Adelaide - Jez McLennan 183cm 81kg General Defender
26. West Coast - Sam Sturt 188cm 79kg General Forward
27. Melbourne - Ned McHenry 176cm 71kg Midfielder
28. Collingwood - Will Kelly 193cm 83kg KPD - Matched Bid From Gold Coast
29. GWS - Kieran Briggs 200cm 98kg Ruck - Matched Bid From Gold Coast
30. Melbourne - Toby Bedford 176cm 68kg Small Forward - Matched Bid From Gold Coast
31. West Coast - Jarrod Cameron 180cm 69kg Small Forward - Matched Bid From Gold Coast
32. Brisbane - Connor MacFadyen 190cm 88kg Utility - Matched Bid From Gold Coast
33. Gold Coast - Riley Bowman 198cm 82kg Ruck
34. Western Bulldogs - Buku Khamis 190cm 81kg General Defender - Matched Bid From Gold Coast
35. Gold Coast - Luke Foley 187cm 75kg Inside Midfielder
36. Brisbane - Ely Smith 188cm 86kg Inside Midfielder
37. Fremantle - Sydney Stack 177cm 72kg Midfielder
38. North Melbourne - Bailey Scott 186cm 74kg Utility
39. Essendon - Jacob Kennerley 184cm 76kg Outside Midfielder
40. Brisbane - Fraser Turner 186cm 75kg Outside Midfielder
41. St. Kilda - Tom Sparrow 182cm 81kg General Forward
42. Richmond - Jack Bytel 189cm 80kg Inside Midfielder
43. Sydney - Zac Foot 180cm 71kg Midfielder
44. Sydney - Durak Tucker 189cm 73kg General Defender

Round 3
45. Fremantle - Luke English 181cm 78kg Midfielder
46. St. Kilda - Will Hamill 185cm 70kg Midfielder
47. Sydney - James Rowbottom 185cm 78kg midfielder.
48. Geelong - Tom Berry 185cm 76kg General Defender
49. Geelong - Noah Gown 193cm 91kg KPF
50. GWS - Tom McKenzie 184cm 76kg General Defender
51. Western Bulldogs - Boyd Woodcock 180cm 71kg Midfielder
52. Hawthorn - Zane Barzen 193cm 77kg General Forward
53. Melbourne - Stefan Radovanic 192cm 85kg Defender
54. North Melbourne - Damon Greaves 186cm 74kg Defender
55. Brisbane - Tom Lewis 179cm 78kg Midfielder
56. North Melbourne - Jacob Koschitzke 196cm 94kg KPD

Round 4
57. Melbourne - Jack Ross 186cm 85kg Midfielder
58. Western Bulldogs - Joseph Ayton-Delaney 180cm 68kg General Defender
59. Melbourne - Hugo Munn Hugo 197cm 93kg KPF
60. GWS - Angus Hanrahan 182cm 68kg General Defender
61. Richmond - Charlie Sprague 187cm 79kg General Forward
62. Fremantle - Liam Hickmott 180cm 76kg Midfielder
63. Essendon - Sam Fletcher 187cm 79kg General Defender
64. St. Kilda - Noah Answerth 182cm 82kg Midfielder
65. North Melbourne - Lachlan Scholl 185cm 77kg General Defender
66. Richmond - Mitch Podhajski 193cm 80kg Midfielder/Forward
67. Carlton Tyron Smallwood 179cm 77kg Small Forward
68. Geelong - Oscar Brownless 186cm 76kg General Forward
69. North Melbourne - Alistair Richards 187cm 78kg Midfielder
70. Carlton - Laitham Vandermeer 180cm 76kg General Defender
71. Adelaide
72. Richmond
73. Western Bulldogs

Round 5
74. Western Bulldogs
75. Carlton
76. Collingwood
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Mr Magic

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What is more interesting here for the purpose of RFC is when the academy and father son picks go and therefore where the other players fall. I think there is at least 7 father son/academy picks at least before 35 based on other phantoms so a pick like 37 for RFC is arguably really 44

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