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  • Thanks TT! I forgot about that.. The AFL is becoming massively soft these days... I still think he will be the top 1-2 players from that draft and a valuable asset for the Tigers going forward!
    Thanks true Tiger. It is only the truth.

    Hardwick will be a great coach for you guys!
    HAHA i know mate lol mind on other things *finals* in my opinion. Nothing to really play for against these minow teams either o well next week lol
    haha, TT. Just having a friendly dig at MadT, but you're message made me laff.
    haha nah mate im not actually in greece im in melbourne..just thought id take the oportunity to promote the fact MACEDONIA IS GREEK

    glad you liked the input maye
    Thanks for that dude, will be getting there early then so I can sit with the Cheersquad! Cheers! Go Tigers!
    same here first thought some one was running down the hall but everyone was in bed, then thought something hit the house , it sounded like you said , then realised it was a quake .
    I'll see how I go...but at the moment I can barely move my neck and shoulders around let alone put on my tigers jumper!!
    If I ain't there I'll be there in it's only NAB
    Cuz will do a hammy, Gibbs will control Lids and Cotch still to young to break a game open. Haha, we could continue this banter for days so I better end it there. Good luck round 1, I can honestly see it going either way. We shall see which team shows up to play :)
    Sorry mate was a busy arvo yesterday, this thing called work popped up, don't you hate that.

    I'm afraid I can't help on time & place for training - maybe at Trevor Barker oval like last week?
    I highly doubt it.

    Collingwood does not have any duds standing in the goal square that's apart of the leadership group

    *Looks around confused*
    No team can be considered average when they have Porps, Danger, and Walker in there team.

    Please tell me, why an average team like Richmond never seem to make the top 8?
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