AFL 2019 - AFL Round 5

Who Covers the Line This Week?

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Team Captain
May 2, 2018
AFL Club
Never mind those upsets...

Richmond -14.5 @ 1.95
Richmond 24+ @ 2.42
Richmond 40+ @ 3.70

The Swans really aren't much chop - only win was over Carlton at Marvel (where the Blues always struggle) and have lost to 1-4 Melbourne and 1-3 Adelaide.

Keystone agony

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 15, 2011
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Other Teams
Port Adelaide
0.5U Heeney U95.5 - sore
0.5U Lloyd U120.5 - high line
1u Z.Jones U94.5 - high line even in new role
0.5u B.Ellis U85.5 - High line expect him to avg less than
0.5U Sinclair O86.5 Avgs more than that last year and only up against Nank. Line low due to game vs Preuss/Gawn
1U Dusty U90.5 @1.95
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Premiership Player
Jun 16, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Liking St Kilda today.

2U St Kilda SU @ 2.80
1U St Kilda -11.5 @ 4
.5U St Kilda -32.5 @ 10

.2U St Kilda -59.5 @ 51

.2U Gresham most goals @ 15
.3U Gresham 4+ goals @ 17
.2U Gresham 5+ goals @ 76

.3U Ross most disposals / Gresham most goals @ 61
.3U Multi Brayshaw 30+ disposals / Melksham 2+ goals / St Kilda 25+ @ 78

Total placed: 5 units. All SB
14.6U return on 5U bet = 9.6U profit.

Angus Brayshaw gets three more touches and the multi comes in for another 23U.

One of those weekends where I should be happy I am winning but am a little bemused by how close I keep coming to hitting jackpot...

...only to just fall short.

Weekend to date: 42U return from 15U bet = 27U profit.

Will be loading up on the Gold Coast tomorrow like nobody's business.

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Club Legend
Aug 3, 2014
AFL Club
3U Matt Taberner 2 goals @5 Bet365
Done it 3/4 games this season
1U Taberner 3 goals @19 kicked 2.3.2 last weekend, worth a punt at that price
like it again, but a little worried gws might dominate too much & therefore a lack of forward opportunities for freo, (altho i haven't watched a freo game yet this year).
Dusty named in fwd pocket for Rich? anyone think he's worth a shot? hasnt kicked a goal this year but.. its dusty.
2g+ is @3 b365
3g+ is @8.50 b365
When you Realise both Tabs and Dusty came through but you forgot to go back and actually put the Dusty bets on. Ahhh.. partly good partly bad :rolleyes: such is life..
Nice find again freo_leo29!

Keystone agony

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 15, 2011
AFL Club
Other Teams
Port Adelaide
Rich vs Sydney -3 Units

0.5U Daniel U93.5 PB
0 5U Johanissen U88.5 PB
0.5U Cripps U123.5 SB
0.5U Liberatore u102.5 BE

If cripps finishes on 118 or Walsh 94 then big wins


Club Legend
May 8, 2006
AFL Club
Gold coast have been good defensively playing slow tempo , but the rain this morning seems to be mostly missing Adelaide and I think they'll really make a concerted effort to get back to direct attacking ways And it's Eddie's 300th.. might take the over 157.5

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