Prediction 2019 Draft - Who do you want with our first pick?

Who do you want with our first?

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Nov 8, 2000
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I've been waxing and waning on this for a long time.

I've now decided that my preferences (removing Rowell, Anderson, Henry and Green from the equation) are in order:

1. Brodie Kemp - Bontempelli type utility, potentially replacing Cripps when he hits his peak, meaning we have a sustainable wave coming behind our current stars. I'll take the ACL risk.

2. Lachlan Ash - Yes, we have HBF's but none with this sort of pace and kicking ability together. Doc is our cream but is now a risk. Ash can defend one on one and get back quickly as well as rebound and provide goal assists.

3. Dylan Stephens - Seems like a good kid. Loves Teague already which I like. We need pace. LOB and Martin if he gets here are two of our outside speedsters, but they are by no means express. Stephens offers that outside run, but also can provide penetrating run through the corridor.

4. Deven Robertson - Leadership and drive. Ability to get to contests and accumulate. Kicking is a knock but Walshy isn't exactly elite in that area either and we wouldn't trade what he can do.

5. Caleb Serong - versatilty and tenacity appeal. Inside and outside mid and effective forward with goal sense. Not keen on his size and kicking. They just seem to float and not spin right. Trained with us pre-season so if we choose him, we've certainly done our homework. Maybe prefer to get a Cahill type at #43 instead of selecting Serong as a small forward.

6. Sam Flanders - Just haven't warmed to him as much. Good medium forward. Good inside mid. Plays on the edge. Not sure he offers something we haven't got.

7. Hayden Young - Very good defender and elite kick but he's not a line breaker or attacking defender, so like Flanders, even though he may be better than others, doesn't offer a lot that we lack.

8. Luke Jackson - Purely as a Kreuzer replacement in a similar mould but with the leap of Grundy. Not needed at this point.
I'm stoked.


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May 22, 2011
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Where was the poll option for Bid on Liam Henry, then Bid on Tom Green, then take a calculated risk of trading out our pick for two later picks, then picking up Brodie Kemp as a 'slider', then trading up again to pick Sam Philp?

Sakc HAKRER....


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Aug 27, 2014
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there are no other teams worthy
1) Caleb Serong
2) Brodie Kemp or via live trading we split our pick into 2 picks a little later with one of them becoming Codey Weightman

I'll be happy if any of those things happen.
Forgot about this thread.
Well the one I predicted was most likely happened but Weightman was gone before our second pick so Philps will do me after seeing his pace and inside skills so was very happy with SOS final working of live trades before he finished up. Has never let me down in my hopes from late 2015 to late 2019.
I have to struggle to go back to draft picks of Andrew McKay and Scott Camporeale in mid 1990's to find the last time we nailed our drafts a few years in a row.

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