Mod. Notice 2019 Game Preview Threads

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Oct 1, 2010
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Wanting to do a preview for one of the matches against Richmond. Preferably round 1 (get mine out and away with) but if you Aph or any mod wishes for that one then I'd happily do Round 21 if that's the case.

I also have to sincerely apologise for my underwhelming effort when it came to my preview for the match against Adelaide last year. During the time, I was going through a rough patch. Had an anxiety attack and I'm NOT joking here. It was one of those long-lasting ones. It lingered for more than a couple of months and led to an existential crisis that lasted for roughly 5 days towards the end. Wasn't sleeping or eating well and was really depressed. It was like I was paralyzed to an extent. But I managed to fight it off and it shouldn't happen again. I promise to put a much better effort in this time.
Much love to you fellow Bluebagger. Here for you if you ever want to have a chat. I've been in some pretty dark places so please know you're not alone.

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