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Tonga Bob

Ricardo Montalbán Lookalike
Oct 26, 2013
The Green Green Wedge of Melbourne
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SFFC, LFC (YNWA), ADO, CI Warriors
OK so we have a couple of vacancies:

Round 16 vs WCE
Round 22 vs Essendon (Belnakor if you want to do this one instead let me know)
cardamon has subbed in for this week's preview (many thanks!!!), still looking for someone to take round 22 vs Essendon (the one where we'll be wearing this bad boy...)
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Premiership Player
Sep 11, 2016
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Bombers - Rd 22

*Is it ok to write it now ?

Bye Bye Rosco , thanks for the mamaries

Never liked you much myself even when we were winning , it Defo made me look silly in the first few years but I stuck fat to my convictions and I always knew deep down it was a matter of time till you ' Saintered ' us

Please don't go into the media after this ..... your pressers were bad enough

You did a decent job with the rebuild WAY better than I thought you would but I suppose you had to give us something considering you were one of the highest paid coaches in the game

You have undoubtedly had a profound influence on the game , without you I seriously doubt we would have AFL-X and the obligatory 14 rule changes per year since you decided to go all anti-football on the games ass

I expect the boys to dig in this week as a show of respect

Bombers by 57 pts

*Calm down I'm just messing around , game previews are optimist territory !!! So I'll leave the RD 22 preview " Back where we belong TOP 5 PICK BABY " to someone more suited to the task

Couple of minor tweaks and that's Rd 22 sorted

Knew this would come in handy

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Golf clap for my prescience.......... no ........... oh well

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