AFL 2020 - AFL Finals week two (no aftertiming allowed)

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 6, 2009
AFL Club
St Kilda
Sportsbet are running their 3 leg bonus bet promo again for both games.

For the saints game I've settled on these 3:

Steele 15+
Steele 20+
Tigers H2H @ $2.05 boosted

Riewoldt AGS
Riewoldt 2+
Total points u150 @ $2.37

Lynch AGS
Lynch 2+
Tigers H2H @ $2 boosted

Confident of a minimum of 1 win and 2 bonus bets back from that lot, hopefully 2 wins and 1 bonus bet back.

Haven't decided on 3 for the other game yet though- I don't think it will be high scoring so am wary of the goalscorer markets.
In the pies game I've gone:

0-20 match goals
Under 16.5 match goals
Pendles 15+ @$2 boosted

Game points under 150
Game points under 110.5
Dangermouse 15+ @$2.10

Guthrie 15+
Guthrie 20+
Duncan 15+ @$2 boosted

Aiming for 3 outright wins and 3 bonus bets back from those 6 across the 2 games.
Ive put 2 additional 3 leg SGMs on under lads' bonus back promo:

Geel pies:
Total points over 76.5
Total point under 116.5
Total points under 111.5
@ 2.19

Saints tigs:
Total points over 115.5
Tigs H2H
Total points over 120.5

Confident in the first 2 legs of each, so hopefully at least bonus bets back.
So all up the scoreboard for this week is 4 wins, 4 losses- 1 w bonus bet back.

Disappointed in not getting a couple more bonus bets back, but still slightly up assuming I turn the bonus bet into a $2 winner.

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