AFL 2020 - AFL Grand Final (no aftertiming allowed)

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Jul 5, 2013
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On this final day, I wanted to take the opportunity to say goodbye, farewell and amen to the 2020 season today. I will miss the trains, cars, ships, boats and motorbikes on here over summer, but alas we need new modes of transport to win in 2021.

Its been a treat to discuss, argue, fight, and most importantly laugh with you all on here, esp when my bets are crashing or crashed by quarter time.

The highlights for me this year has to be Neale 0.6 and getting on the JK train and he injures himself in the 1st qtr v Saints.

Most of all, I hope all you degenerates stay safe over summer and I look forward to more laughs in the 2021 Corona Season.

BloodRet I especially miss you rants.

mouncey2franklin I miss your trains.

NYRB I grew to appreciate your different points of view.

NonPhixion I like how you keep me in line without telling me off. lol

iluvparis the Godfather, the man of wisdom and probably longest serving member on this board.

Ohh Ok OhhDeledio I hated your usernames as it was a pain in the arse to tag you into things you fcuked me off. lol.

JuniorWatch great footy comp that you set up. Great pioneer stuff here.

LukeParkerno1 appreciate your insight and points of view

Robo87 love your goals bets and unit management

tangolikelama even though youre a Port poster, I like you too. lol

balmainforever thanks for the OP odds every week, great effort for reference too

Chism our Holy Mod, thanks for your work here too. Its been enjoyable the last couple of years on here, esp with some posters moving on.

Anyone else in here if I am forgetting but I have chatted or communicated with you Im sorry I missed you out, like my bets, I miss by one or two legs a perfect SGM.


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All Australian
Jul 1, 2007
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Forecast keeps getting worse. Was 30% chance of rain, then 40% and now 70% with up to 6mm and a possible thunderstorm. Guaranteed to rain at stages during the afternoon so gonna be slippery and wet either way. Dangerfield Over 2.5 tackles, Guthrie Over 4.5 tackles, Prestia Over 4.5 tackles and Selwood Over 4.5 tackles all look likely in a contested scrap.
Who are you betting tackles markets with

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 6, 2009
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St Kilda
Just in case gaz winds it back for one last hurrah


Also, i wouldn't go too nuts loading up on a wet weather game- might not even get played tonight!


Norm Smith Medallist
May 6, 2009
AFL Club
St Kilda
If this is the case, would a refund be warranted?
"If an event is postponed and rescheduled to occur within 24 hours of the original start time, all bets will stand. If it is rescheduled for more than 24 hours later, all single bets are void and wagers refunded while affected MultiBets will be recalculated excluding that event or leg."


Should be ok i think- only assuming that the AFL wouldnt let the GF clash with the NRL and play it tomorrow?

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