2023/24 NHL Season

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Does anyone properly understand the hand pass rule?

Now I get there's an argument that given you can review/challenge an offside that may have occurred on the zone entry much earlier in the play but how can you overturn a goal from a literal glancing blow off the glove as a handpass?

Especially when Nashville just chucked the puck over the net earlier in the year

EDIT; probably wasn't very clear about what game I'm talking about - Calgary v Toronto from earlier today

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Caps have been putrid for a while and then suddenly put up a performance like today, just staggering.

Oh BTW, that was pure filth by Reilly, absolute coward act

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My Canes with another good road win. We have the talent to win the Cup, let's just see how the rest of the season goes.
The nineteen year old that most of the province of Ontario has declared a bust has recorded his 50th NHL point (40 points this season).


“Should have picked Wright!”
Sharks need 7 or less points in 12 games to guarantee picking at worst 3rd. No doubt Chicago will win the lottery again, NHL will say it's not rigged but that's BS.
Guaranteed to Pick 4 or better atm as we can't pass Anaheim anymore. We need to lose 2 more games, or 1 and Chicago wins 1 and we'll be guaranteed 3rd at worst.

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