Training 2024 training updates.

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Lets hope he's ok otherwise robs us of options through the season.
I think he’s done enough to put him in the frame but you wouldn’t want him as your only inside depth.

I think we’ll see Allan blossom in 2024 and we’ve still got Carmichael. I don’t see our issue as depth, rather its more about experience and sadly that only comes with exposure.

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That's a huge blow if it's serious for McStay. Fingers crossed...

If it is an ACL, I think we need to find the best mature-aged state league FF in the country and get them down to training ASAP.
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Did the person who saw it describe how he left the field? A lot of pain or difficulty?

Also I saw your Carmichael tweet with him struggling in the running drill. I was at training on Monday and overheard him talk about an upper leg issue. Some sort of knock so he may be working through something minor.
If ACL there is extreme pain for say 30 seconds but could possibly still walk off. So almost better if carried off as it might indicate not an ACL
Lets hope he's ok otherwise robs us of options through the season.
It's ridiculous. He barely missed a game at the Lions and has barely played for us since his arrival.
Maybe Billy Frampton can fill the void with the instruction that he can actually go for his marks and kick goals if the opportunity arises!
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If as Jen said his leg gave way that sounds ominous,hopefully not as bad as sounds everyone seems to cop 1 of these pre season.

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What a savage blow for Dan
Hopefully AJ stays fit and healthy.

We really need to add another big guy to our list with this development
Agree. Footy, or the AFL version, is hardly ever played as a video game. Injuries will always be a part of that 'version' of the game.

McStay, Adams, AJ and Murphy (for 3Qs) all missed out on the GF.

Howe, Nick, Steele, Cox, Cameron all missed multiple weeks during the year.

Opportunities will present.
i mean ffs ..
heck! ... geez gotta feel sorry for Dan. :-( All the best with a speedy recovery.

I left Vic Park about 10:45ish... and it hadn't a happened then from what I could tell. As in, there wasn't a commotion.

Poor bloke.
Terrible news for Mcstay.He’s just had injury after injury since he came to us,and yet when he was at the Lions he was hardly injured at all.So frustrating.
It makes me feel very pessimistic about his remaining years. When players just fall over with an ACL after already sustaining a knee injury it doesn't make for a promising future.

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