Training 2024 training updates.

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It actually changes it because Dan can be put on the inactive list....meaning we have one 1 more spot to fill.
Assuming that they don't think he'll be back in time for the year.
Instead of picking 2 we’ll probably pick three and keep the other spot open for the MSD when we’ll have a better understanding of Dan’s recovery time.

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It’s shocking to think that he didn’t even get through his first official training session for this to happen.
Really can't afford not to get Murphy back on the park now.
That's such a bad break for Dan.
Opportunity for AJ, Frampton, Kruger.
As harsh as it sounds Krueger has a line through his name in my book. I don't see him being capable of playing regular senior footy such is his fragility body wise.
Big year for AJ to stand up. Frampton is a def/ruck back up, he’s not a forward. Freddy is too injury prone to be reliable up forward so it’s AJ’s spot to grab.

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I’d imagine with the Dan news that changes our SSP pathway massively, have to take talls now.

Jen2310 might be able to answer this but with Dan likely going on the inactive list, does that open up an extra SSP spot?

Yeah it does so we will have 4 spots. One for mid season so they can use three before mid feb

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Not really-he just cops less long term or severe injuries. He still gets injured in the majority of games he plays. He is always holding a shoulder or limping or clutching a body part whenever I see him play.

But rarely failed to play out a game or be available for the following game. I’m not sure why people focus so much on him holding a shoulder or flexing a leg after a heavy collision. He seems to shake it off more often than not. Given the kamikaze attack on the footy I’d call that a positive.
Devastating for Dan - I felt he would really make a statement in 2024, we saw plenty of glimpses throughout 2023 and with a full pre-season and hunger from missing the flag - I thought we might see a big return from the big fella next year.

Looking forward now though maybe we'll see Kreuger come in and deliver on some of the promising signs we've seen (in between his own injury battles of course). My preference would be to have a look at what a mobile set up of Checkers, Reef and AJ (coupled with the smalls of Beau, Bobby, Schutlz and Jamie), and try and capitalize more on our speed and ball movement.

The only silver lining to this is that we've got plenty of time before the season starts to assess plenty of options and try and find the best path forward.

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