Player Watch #26 Riley Collier-Dawkins

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Premiership Player
Apr 12, 2015
Central Victoria Bendigo
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Leeds United
Against a midfield that consists of Macrae , Bontempelli , Hunter , Treloar , Libba , Smith and Co

great 1st up effort by the kid , Well done RCD
Agree totally, Never seen a more composed first gamer and did everything a 100 plus gamer you would be happy with. He tackled clean kicked clean and can't remember seen him fumble once.


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Sep 17, 2006
Southern Stand Punt Road End
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Furies Premiers 2010
All I want to see are some good signs that he can play at the level.

Give us 18 disposals 4 marks 3 tackles 2 I50s 3 clearances 6 contested possessions & 16 effective disposals from 81% TOG and that'll do for his first game.
Gave us 14 disposals 3 marks 5 tackles 1 I50 5 clearances 10 contested possessions & 11 effective disposals from 69% TOG. Solid start and should get him a chance to run around again next week.

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Club Legend
Aug 25, 2007
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Richmond VFL
We wanted him to get a decent go in the middle and he got that.

He was in there for 15 of the 22 centre bounces and was second behind Libba for most centre clearances.

Congratulations on the win. Here are the midfield frequency stats from the match - this is a summary of how often your players were lining up as one of the 5 mids last night + centre clearances (Champion Data) thrown in.

Overall Summary - 22 Bounces

McIntosh 18 wing
Ross 17 (10w, 7i)
Collier-Dawkins 15
Edwards 14
Pickett 13 (10w, 3i)
Cotchin 12
Bolton 11
Baker 6 wing
Graham 4

Nankervis 20
Pickett 2

Centre Clearances (10-10)

Cotchin 2
Pickett 2
Bolton 1
Edwards 1
Ross 1

RCD ranked 2nd on the ground for centre clearances only behind Liberatore who had 6.
Aug 24, 2017
AFL Club
Looked lost early when playing on the Bont. Once taken away from that role, he did much better
Yeah was definitely a change from the first half when he was lining up on Bont at centre clearances but more shadowing him he was still effective but comparing to that 2nd half we looked so much better

That 2nd half he was still matched on Bont but he was starting on the opposite side of the circle
Backing himself in and hunting the ball it was great to see his confidence grow

It’s also positive to think about knowing not a huge amount of teams have a Bont running around (190cm plus mid) so he will become a point of difference in midfield battles


It's time for Tasmania to join the AFL.
Oct 8, 2011
AFL Club
I cant wait to see the finished product with this kid after he has 50 -70 games under his belt

The tear way centre clearances and the shrugging of tacklers and sprint away that he does in the VFL
There was one stage last night when he burst away from the centre towards 50 ...

And then the bloody siren went!!!

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